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These 10 Vegan Brands Offer Accessories Made From Cork And Piñatex

These 10 Vegan Brands Offer Accessories Made From Cork And Piñatex


We found 10 vegan accessories brands that use cork and Piñatex material as trending leather alternatives. For starters, Piñatex is a revolutionary fabric made from pineapple leaf fibers that are a by-product of the pineapple harvest. We promise it looks just as beautiful as traditional leather! Thankfully, cork has long been more than just a practical beverage stopper. But it is recognized as one of the most sustainable materials out there. Sоft, lightwеight, water-resistant and tree-friendly! Plus, both materials are 100% biodegradable. Convince yourself and explore 10 brands with vegan cork + Piñatex accessories.

HFS Collective

HFS Collective creates hands-free premium bags to liberate women (and animals). Their small classic belt bags, wallets, water bottle holders (for your reusable water bottle!) and cross body bags are cruelty-free and go with every outfit. The Los Angeles-based brand sources only recycled, upcycled, deadstock or low impact materials including vegan cork, piñatex, recycled polyester, premium eco-vegan leathers and more. Check out their Piñatex Collection!

Instagram: @thehfscollective


Votch is a PETA-approved watch company from London that produces minimalistic timeless watches using vegan materials such as Piñatex. Without PVC, chemicals, or heavy metals. With each Votch item you purchase, 10% of the profits go to a charity that helps animals. Our top choice: the Silver and Piñatex Classic (€154.00).

Instagram: @votchwatch

Ina Koelln

We can’t believe it’s not leather. We are fascinated by Ina Koelln’s vintage-looking high-quality Piñatex bags & accessories. And they also make stylish products using sustainably produced cork. Choose between light and dark colored cork or the black Wally Black Cork Tote Bag (317.00€). It is ethically handcrafted in Portugal – just like all the other Ina Koelln items!

Instagram: @inakoelln


At Maniwala you shop by material, not by style. Which doesn’t mean that the PETA-approved brand from Los Angeles sacrifices design. Far from it! We love their Piñatex bags and are particularly obsessed with the Banwa Piñatex Backpack ($450.00 USD). All of their products are plastic-free and use pesticide-free hemp linings. It’s worth the price as they last you a really long time. And in case they break, Maniwala is happy to repair or replace them for you!

Instagram: @heymaniwala

Meer Goods

Meer Goods produces functional, robust backpacks, bags, and accessories using only superior natural fibers, dyes, and treatments. The brand even invented a textile called CorkanaTEX which makes truly sustainable goods a reality. So that all of their products can hands down be integrated back in the biological system. Inside and outside, every Meer Goods product is completely free of animal products. 

Instagram: @meergoods


Mezando designs Apple Watch bracelets made from pineapple fibers. They are vegan, 100% sustainable, free of chemicals, water resistant and elastic. Plus, they feel and look just like traditional leather. Could we ask for any better watch bracelets? Available in 4 colors: earthy brown, pure nature, rough black, and cheeky silver. Oh my…silver looks like it comes straight from the futuristic movie Blade Runner! Produced in Germany, each bracelet comes with a 12 months warranty.

Instagram: @mezando_com


The accessory brand from Stockholm combines Scandinavian minimalism with nature’s own aesthetics by crafting everyday essentials made from one of the most sustainable materials – natural cork. It is 100% natural, durable like leather and tree-friendly as trees aren’t harmed in the process. Look at this stunning iPhone 7/8 CORK CASE (€39.00)

Instagram: @1521sthlm

See Also

Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa Collective is a PETA-approved luxury handbags and accessories brand. We think it’s great how they use textiles such as Piñatex, Ecoprene and discarded materials from high-end fashion houses. We go for their Double Dutch Clutch ($279.00 USD) in black & gold Piñatex. Going directly from the office to a fancy party? Simply reverse the black side and wear the gold. 

Instagram: @ahimsacollective


Cork to carry: UlStO makes puristic and practical bags, backpacks, clutches and yoga mats using cork mixed with recycled PET bottles and GOTS-certified materials. And they make pretty cork jewelry, too! All of their products are produced in Germany under fair conditions. We really like their Scandinavian looking pieces and will get the Rubra Bag (€99.00).

Instagram: @ulsto.bags


StudioCork strongly believes that Cork is the new leather. And their mission is to spread this eco-friendly material around the world as an alternative to genuine leather. Find premium bags and wallets in various colors, shapes, patterns and with bold illustrations in their online shop. All items are manufactured with Portuguese cork.

Instagram: @studio_cork

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