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12 Fair Trade Swimwear Brands We Recommend

12 Fair Trade Swimwear Brands We Recommend

While it might be midsummer in Australia and New Zealand, we are still experiencing the freezing, cold winter in the Northern hemisphere. We are SO ready for summer! We’re getting you ready to soak up some sun with these 12 fair amazing eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethical swimwear brands. No matter your body type or where in the world you live in, we have found something for you! Read on for some serious swimwear inspo, and don’t forget you can always click the brand’s link to learn more (*hint* they all have beautiful stories behind them!). 


all sisters
Photos: allSisters

allSisters swimwear has built their brand on a strong foundation of respect for the environment and the female form. Their modern, chic designs often include an artistic element. Maybe a cut out here, or a flash of stripes there. allSisters create ecologically and ethically conscious swimwear for all using high-quality Italian recycled material. Discarded fishing nets and other post-consumer nylon waste is collected, recycled, and re-spun to produce new fibers that are just as strong as the original. Furthermore, this recycled material has also been certified by OEKO-TEX®. By repurposing this waste they are not only removing it from the natural environment, but they are creating something beautiful in the process.

Instagram: @allsisters_official


amara tulum
Photos: Amara Tulum

AMARA is all about minimalism. Minimising production waste; minimizing their impact on the environment, and providing you with beautiful, minimalist swimwear. The facility that manufactures their ECONYL® fabrics runs only on green energy, reduces their water use, and carefully monitors their emissions. AMARA then works with Mexican artisans to create their pieces and create meaningful and fair employment. All styles are reversible and ready to be mixed and matched with one another. You can even wear a few pieces in the collection a variety of different ways. This also allows you to minimize how many pieces in your wardrobe when you’re pretty much getting four bikinis in one!

Instagram: @amaratulum


Photos: Emroce

Conscious consumption is at the heart of emroce’s designs. The way we currently consume is not sustainable. Full stop. And the founder of emroce, Emma Churchill, is working to help us have better made, longer lasting pieces. Their current surf-ready swimwear collection – Deco del Mar – has been designed with zero waste principles. The collection also uses ECONYL®, a fabric made from fishing nets and other waste. Though emroce’s unique designs have been created with different activities in mind, they all are ready to get out and enjoy the waves with you.

Instagram: @emroces


gala maar
Photos: Galarmaar

Galamaar creates classic, chic swimwear with a hint of historical inspiration. They stay far away from lack of ethics and environmental awareness of the fast fashion industry. Instead, they create beautiful pieces for the modern, conscious woman. Galamaar works hard to minimize their impact. Each and every process and part of their collection is carefully considered. Especially the potential impact it may have on the environment, as well as the impact on those who produce it. Their fabric is created from discarded fishing nets and designed to last the test of time. Galamaar has a diverse range of silhouettes and colorways available to suit any taste.

Instagram: @galamaar


gypsea swimwear
Photos: Gypsea Swimwear

Gypsea swimwear has been created for the wanderers, wonderers, and lovers of the sea. Their unique pieces of wearable art are collaborations between designer Emma Jones and photographers such as Scott Bauer. They work hard to raise awareness about protecting our oceans by partnering with activists such as Sea Shepherd. And they create stunning swimwear that sparks conversation and that everyone wants to know about!  Their styles range from flattering, full coverage and ready for the waves, to a little bit cheeky to show off those buns. They only use long-lasting, recycled, Italian fabrics to create their swimwear.

Instagram: @gypsea_swimwear


lemon spicy
Photos: Lemon Spicy

Lemon Spicy carefully selects every part of the process that results in their beautiful, eco-conscious swimwear. Being surfers through and through, they know how important it is to preserve our oceans. Lemon Spicy’s love of the ocean made the decision to use ECONYL® fabrics an easy one. ECONYL® helps clean up our oceans by using discarded ghost nets and other post-consumer waste to create their fabrics. Lemon Spicy’s fabric is thick, high quality, long-lasting, and provides UPF50+ sun protection. Not to mention that each and every piece is ready to take on the surf with you! All styles are limited edition and handmade in limited numbers. Lemon Spicy is working to build a community of like-minded, conscious consumers that they can share the oceans with.

Instagram: @lemonspicysocial


Photos: Liar the Label

LIAR the Label creates eco and ethical timeless swimwear that you can wear for many summers to come. They are working hard to promote awareness of the issues within the industry. They make sure customers know that the product in their hand has been produced in an ethical and environmentally conscious way. LIAR they Label wants to make low quality, unethical, fast fashion a thing of the past (yay!). They use recycled polyester fabric and manufacture their collections in Australia wherever possible to retain these skills within the country. This also reduces the carbon footprint of each piece. When there’s less travel involved, the carbon footprint and impact of emissions is, of course, going to be smaller.

Instagram: @liarthelabel


mime swim
Photos: Mime Swim

Mime swim is proudly designed and constructed in Australia using sustainable, Italian fabrics. They wanted to ensure they could oversee the entire production process. This meant the most transparent place for them to choose was home, Down Under. They work with some of Australia’s best seamstresses to create chic, minimalist bikinis and one-pieces that flatter your curves yet stay on in the surf. Perfect for accompanying you through beautiful coral reefs, or up on your surfboard. And don’t worry that they’re made in Australia, they ship internationally!

Instagram: @mimeswim


oceah lah
Photos: OceaLah

OceaLah has created a range of swimwear to mix and match depending on your own personal style. Swimwear that is also sustainable, comfortable, and long wearing. They work with local manufacturers in Spain and use high quality, recycled materials. We also love that OceaLah donates a percentage of their profits to a Spanish foundation dedicated to protecting and restoring sea life! You can choose from a range of simple block colors or maybe a cute print is more your style. Either way, there is certainly something to accompany you on your next island getaway!

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Instagram: @ocealah.swimwear


salt gypsy
Photos: Salt Gypsy

Catch a wave in style with Salt Gypsy’s eco-friendly – and incredibly chic – surf wear. Don’t want to wear a wetsuit, but also want to cover up? Check out their innovative surf leggings. These, like all of their products, are designed for the active woman who cares about her impact on the environment. Slat Gypsy founder, Danielle Clayton, has created a wide range of beautiful and functional rashguards, surf leggings, tops, bottoms, and one-pieces that flatter the female form, yet still stay on when that accidental wipe-out occurs. All of their pieces are made from ECONYL® yarns and are designed and handcrafted in Australia.

Instagram: @saltgypsy


salt label
Photos: Salt Label

Salt has designed their minimalistic, sustainable swimwear with everybody in mind. All pieces are created to flatter the female form, and each can be purchased separately. This ensures that you get the best for YOUR body. Looking for a bit of subtle sculpting? No problem. Maybe one piece is more your thing? Done. Want to show off those buns? Easy. Salt has a huge range of styles and colors for everyone; designed in New Zealand and made in Australia from luxe recycled, Italian fabric.
Instagram: @salt.label


veronica dreyer
Photos: Veronica Dreyer

Empowering women to be the best versions of themselves is at the heart of RENDL. Each and every piece has been expertly designed to subtly shape, and support the natural female curves. Their collection contains a wide range of styles to suit all tastes. RENDL has even designed a range of styles especially for those who prefer to cover up a bit more while still looking chic. While all of these luxe, sustainable suits are great for a dip, they are certainly not limited to just swimming or lounging! Simply begin your afternoon by the pool, and then pair with a skirt or pant and wear it through into the evening. All styles in RENDL’s collection are consecutively numbered and make up part of a permanent collection. This emphasizes the timelessness of their pieces and their slow fashion values.

Instagram: @rendl

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