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3 Bags & 30 Looks: Studio Gyzell Presents Its Functional Eco-Luxe Leather Bag

3 Bags & 30 Looks: Studio Gyzell Presents Its Functional Eco-Luxe Leather Bag

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Believing in the power of change, Amsterdam-based pioneering brand Studio Gyzell creates stylish eco-luxe leather bags that are adjustable and sustainable. Studio Gyzell’s company mission is to inspire customers to buy less, to choose better and to enjoy longer. All you need is the interchangeable foldover fronts to attach on the bags, revamping your style. Read further to see how founder Aniko creates 30 different looks with only 3 bags.

Change Is In Our hands

Coming from a background in environmental and occupational medicine, Studio Gyzell founder Aniko Kossen-Varga brings a unique perspective to the fashion industry. She saw how the enormous number of products that are produced every day affect our health and our planet. With Studio Gyzell, Aniko wishes to inspire consumers to make conscious purchases by creating stylish investment pieces with the least possible impact on our ecosystem.

“I believe that a change in mindset and actions of just one person can have a huge impact. Small actions can make all the difference. Change is, quite literally, in our hands.” – Aniko, Founder of Studio Gyzell

Think of a bag that ticks all the boxes. That you can adjust to your mood and that you can cherish forever. This idea sparked Aniko to create a range of timeless handcrafted bags that you can easily customize by changing the different foldover fronts. An ethically made bag with multiple looks that ages beautifully, together with you. That you can hand down to generations. For Studio Gyzell, this is the purest form of luxury.

One Bag, Endless Styles

The first Studio Gyzell collection boasts 3 styles; a shopper, a clutch and a shoulder bag. They all come in a contemporary boxy shape that goes with everything. If you feel like adding some color to your look, simply adjust the different foldover front flaps on the bag – voilà! You can choose between 10 stylish vibrant colors and geometric shapes. Available in different materials and colors, from classic black to striking fuchsia and glamorous gold – there is a design for every mood and every occasion. Wear Studio Gyzell’s adjustable bags to any outfit; whether it is your favorite jeans, a beautiful dress or your go-to office look.

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“Large or small, change is change. If we all adjust, and change the norm – that’s when we make real progress.” Aniko, Founder of Studio Gyzell

Conscious Choices – Bags Without The Baggage

All of Studio Gyzell’s suppliers and manufacturers are located in Europe. This way, the brand reduces its transportation footprint as well as benefits from high standards on quality and strict social and environmental regulations. Following their own formulated Ecology Centred Design principles (ECD), Studio Gyzell only works with designers, suppliers, and manufacturers who share the brand’s philosophy and integrate sustainability and fairtrade practices in every step of their production chain. As part of their sustainable entrepreneurship, Studio Gyzell takes action against poverty with every sold bag by donating to Dutch

“I saw how, too often, companies focus on making one part of their production process more sustainable, but when you look at the bigger picture, their choices are far from it.” Aniko, Founder of Studio Gyzell

Upcycled Leather That Lasts A Lifetime

Always striving for progress and going beyond the latest sustainability trend, Aniko continues researching for innovative alternatives in the future. After years of material research, Aniko found that, at the moment, upcycled leather was the best option when it comes to long-lasting quality that actually improves with age.

As long as there is an existing meat and fishing industry, the founder takes the opportunity to make use of the waste that comes with it. For the outer material and foldover fronts, Studio Gyzell uses sustainable Italian bovine leather and Icelandic salmon leather, both upcycled from the food industry. The lining is made of TENCEL™ Lyocell which is an eco-friendly and durable material made from the pulp of trees in Austria. The hardware and the zippers are crafted in Italy.

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Handcrafted Luxury From Hungary

The first collection is designed in the UK, fusing style and functionality. All bags are handcrafted in Pécs, Hungary by a small family business, using skills and century-old tradition of leather craftsmanship. With passion and love for the detail, they carefully craft each Studio Gyzell bag by hand, making sure they last a lifetime.

Aniko added a personal touch to the brand by naming it after her grandmother and using her childhood favorite Victor Vasarely’s art as inspiration. Turning Studio Gyzell into a melting point of knowledge and creativity, we are so excited to see more of Aniko’s designs in the future!

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