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3 Eco-Friendly Ski Brands You Will Love. Let´s Go Skiing!

3 Eco-Friendly Ski Brands You Will Love. Let´s Go Skiing!

Soul Pole skiing
Photo: Soul Pole / Wissman Haines

You know what some say. Although you can’t buy happiness, you can buy a lift pass to get access to the ultimate high. Riding the slopes. Once you have experienced the amazing feeling of sliding through the white powder with your skis or snowboard, you are instantly addicted to it.
With that in mind, we browsed for the best eco-friendly ski gear out there that is not only comfortable and fashionable this winter, but that is also created with the nature on top of mind.

Picking the right outfit for the slopes can be difficult. We selected 3 ski brands that easily let you blend in with the slopes and the apres-ski afterwards. Here are our top 3 eco-friendly ski brands.

1. Ortovox


Photo: Ortovox / Heckmair

Ortovox was established in 1980 in Germany. The first product they launched was a frequency transceiver. Over the last 35 years, Ortovox turned into a leading outerwear brand with a high focus on safety. They are still experts when it comes to transceivers and emergency equipment, but along the way they also added other beautiful products to their collection such as backpacks and garments. Their backpacks come in bright colors, are lightweight and give easy access to emergency equipment. But also if you are looking for ski underwear, hoodies and jackets made of organic materials, you are at the right address at Ortovox. The brand uses natural sustainable fibers for their products, such as eucalyptus wood and swisswool.

2. Picture Organic Clothing


Photo: Picture Organic / Coline Ballet
Photo: Picture Organic / Coline Ballet

The brand Picture Organic Clothing was founded in 2008 in France by 3 friends with a product concept in mind that should be the most eco-friendly as possible. We can say that they are on the right track. Picture Organic Clothing uses biological cotton and recycled textiles for their ski garments. The unique designs and the carefully selected fibers make their garments both on- and off-piste a success. The company is in constant development on how to make the brand even more eco-friendly by browsing for new techniques and by using innovative fibers. Next to that Picture Organic Clothing actively advises its customers on how to deal with their products in the most sustainable way too.

3. Holden Outerwear


Photos: Holden
Photos: Holden

Holden outwear was established in 2002 in the United States with a mission to create technical garments that function in the harshest mountain environments, but also look great around town. Since 2004 the company actively pushes for eco-friendly options in their garments by using recycled and natural fibers such as hemp. In addition they use resistant fabrics with solvent free-laminations and a water resistant coating that is PFOA free too. Holden Outwear is trying to induce the sustainable aspect in everything they do. Their office runs for 100% on solar and their shipping bags are consisting of biodegradable packaging. That’s how we like it!


Although we are mainly focused on what to wear on the slopes in this article, there are also great brands producing eco-friendly ski materials. Liberty Skis and Soul Poles for example are producing bamboo skis and poles. Even your boardwax can be green nowadays as seen at Beaverwax. It is worth to do some research and look into the different gear options if you are considering buying your own materials for this winter.

What is your favorite ski brand? Is there a great outerwear brand everyone should know about? Share you suggestions in the comments below!

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