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5 Modern And Ethical Fine Jewelry Brands

5 Modern And Ethical Fine Jewelry Brands


Photo: Natalie Dinham / Kind Jewellery

Kind Jewellery was founded by artist Tansy Haak in London after a wild, wandering adventure through Europe, India & Sri Lanka. The idea behind her jewelry collection is to create pieces for everyone, for every age, gender and style. The signature pieces are inspired by the asian spirituality and landscape and are influenced by the modern Europe. All pieces are 100% handmade in London to support the local jewelry economy. The natural materials like silver and gold are responsibly sourced and environmentally conscious. The jewelry will be delivered in an eco-friendly jewellery box.


Photo: Soko Jewelry

SOKO is based in San Francisco and was founded by Gwendolyn, Catherine and Ella in Nairobi, Kenya. They want to provide customers handmade and ethical jewelry at accessible price. Soko works with artisan entrepreneurs from around the world to build their businesses, improve production capacity, and sustainably increase income. Soko wants to support them, because the artisan craft sector is the second largest employer in the developing world and at the same time the one of the marginalized. Millions of talented artisans are trapped in micro economies as they are limited to local sales and do not earn enough for their families. All artisans use eco-friendly materials, such as recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn and bown.


Photo: Winden Jewelry

WINDEN´s mission is to create responsible jewelry for people to feel good inside and out. The beautiful pieces are made in the USA out of materials, which are recycled and manufactured in the US. Transparency plays a huge role for WINDEN and they think: “Where it comes from is as important as the one who wears it.” Their ethical and sustainable standards are very high. For their 100% certified recycled metal purchases WINDEN works with small family-run businesses in the New York Diamond District and with a traditional small company in Virginia. Their stones are recycled stones, conflict free diamonds, 100% natural oregon sunstones, montana sapphires, australian opas and american turquoise. You can read more about their material sourcing here.


Photo: Odette New York

odette New York was founded by fine artist Jennifer Sarkilahti in 2006. Her jewelry designs are inspired by organic, geometric shapes and ancient forms. Each piece is designed in her artist studio in Brooklyn, New York and all pieces are handcrafted locally in New York City. Each artful piece is made out of the best 100% recycled metals like silver, brass and bronze as well as recycled gemstones and diamonds. You can find her beautiful pieces like rings, earrings, bracelets and chokers in selected shops around the world.

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Photo: Vanessa Lianne Jewelry

Vanessa Lianne Jewelry studied Art History and Philosophy as well as jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and founded her own jewelry line in 2012. Her designs are inspired by the primitive grace of the natural world and the innovative aesthetics of contemporary design. The designs include both contrasts, the rustic industrial design as well as a fine delicate elegance. Vanessa creates each piece in her Brooklyn-based studio and you can see and feel it in every single piece of her jewelry. She only uses sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

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