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To contribute to positive change in the fashion industry, designer and founder of the luxury accessories brand Bentivoglio Paris, Juliette Bentivoglio, was constantly searching for the finest plant-based materials. In a small atelier in the heart of Paris, her dream of creating an iconic eco-friendly bag became real. Here are 6 reasons why it is worth investing in the sustainable Woody handbag.

#1  Eco-Friendly Design Development

Eco-friendly, vegan, hip, elegant and practical: to develop a bag that is all these things takes a long time. From the idea to the design to the search for the finest materials from responsible sources and the right suppliers. Before founder and designer Juliette Bentivoglio created the Woody, she studied fashion and worked with major French brands such as Sandro and Christian Dior Couture. You can see the designer’s expertise in how she combines the solid wood with soft innovative textiles.

#2 Plant-Based Materials

True to its name, the Woody bag’s main outer material is made from premium wood. Depending on what color you choose (crème or charcoal black), the Woody features either cherry or black pear wood combined with Piñatex®. Out of love and respect for the planet and animals, Juliette uses the following sustainable and plant-based materials:
a. Cherry is a high-quality luxury hardwood with a fine grain which ages beautifully. Keep in mind that since it is natural, the color can vary from light orange to reddish brown.
b. Black pear is also one of the finest hardwoods known for its quality and its grain. The black colour of the naturally dark wood comes from dyes.
c. Piñatex® is derived from discarded pineapple leaf fibers. The low-impact material proves to be one of the most innovative alternatives to animal leather.
d. The lining of the bag contains sugar cane fibers.

#3 It’s A Unique Piece

Every Woody bag is handmade and therefore unique. Over time, the natural wood takes on an individual touch, letting the piece tell its own story. Inspired by Parisian chic and the beauty of nature, the Woody stands out with a timeless and edgy design. Whether on elegant occasions, long walks in the city or a night out with friends – the size of the bag and its practical inner pockets make the Woody a true all-time companion. Simply carry the bag on the handles or with the comfy wide-brimmed shoulder strap and you are ready to go!

#4 Exceptional Handicraft

Driven by her creativity and passion for manual work, Juliette works exclusively with skilled French artisans in a small atelier in Paris. Behind every piece are many hours of work and exceptional talent. Have a look at every detail and the stitching in the wood carefully made by hand. Impressive, right?

#5 Local Workshop in Paris

Juliette fairly produces the Woody bags in the same city as the HQ of her brand. This way, the designer supports local craftsmanship and doesn’t have to ship samples around the world. To do quality checks, she can easily drop by the workshop and get transparent insights which improve the quality of the Woody.

#6 Long-Lasting

Once you get yourself a Woody, it stays with you for many years to come. The high-quality materials promise a long-lasting product which you can pass down on generations. Who knows, your children might proudly carry it around one day!

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Text: Mia Windisch-Graetz, Copy writing: Antonia Böhlke