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7 Ways This E-scooter Makes My City Life Time-Saving, Flexible And Independent

7 Ways This E-scooter Makes My City Life Time-Saving, Flexible And Independent

Welcome to the new normal. Of course, there are challenges and adjustments to the new normality, but with my unu Scooter Classic I move around as freely and independently as usual with a speed of 45 km/h (sometimes more). The 100% electric unu allows me to respect physical distancing for example by avoiding public transport and at the same time I can carry nearly everything right to my front door. I will show you how. I have been riding the E-scooter for almost two years now and since then my everyday life in the city has become much more practical and time-saving. Follow me for a full week on various activities in my hometown Hamburg, Germany where my unu helps me to be independent.

1. Local Farmers Market Haul

Starting the week off with an early morning ride to the local farmers market called Isemarkt in Hamburg Eppendorf (open Tuesday and Friday 8:00 – 14:00). I love the market stroll and like to get some fresh, organic fruits and veggies for the week to boost my immune system. Sometimes I buy a huge net full of great products. Since the unu has a hook for a bag, I wrap the straps around it and put the bag on the floor. There is still enough space for your feet and it is quite comfortable to ride and I can transport my fresh products with my unu right to my front door.

2. Parcel, Coffee And Laptop Bag Transport

I love my current tiny home office studio as you can see on the pictures below. But it is also nice to go to the co-working space every now and then. I go to SPACES in the city centre of Hamburg where we hosted our Conscious Loft event. The members lounge in Hamburg is open since COVID-19 from 9 AM – 5 PM.

Sometimes on my way to the office, I want to send out parcels with old clothes, which I sold on ebay or I want to send a parcel to family and friends, or I get a package delivered to the office and I want to transport it home. So it comes very practical that my unu Scooter Classic has a carrier in the back and I can easily carry parcels. I simply attach the parcel to the carrier with a rubber band buckle. And at the front hook I attach my work bag with laptop and folder and of course there is a coffee holder!

3. Healthy Vegan Lunch Pick-up

I have always been supporting small businesses and I love small local cafés and restaurants. One of my favorite sustainable and vegan cafés in Hamburg is ÆNDRÈ owned by the Dutch Janine (on the photo below on the right). Janine takes care of her café in the most sustainable way. I regularly pick-up a plant-based bowl and a fresh cold-pressed green juice. So healthy and yummy!

4. (Sunset) E-Scooter Ride Through The City

Hamburg is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Hardly a big city has so many green spaces and water in the city centre which I appreciate. I love this city, especially in summer, because then the light of the sky and the sunset is beautiful. My unu has 3000 W (the biggest engine) and lots of power so it is great fun exploring the city by e-scooter and I love to make a tour to beautiful places like the harbor.

5. Grocery Shopping

Especially just before the weekend starts, I like to shop groceries. I love cooking healthy food which is kind of meditative and relaxing to me. Also fresh colorful flowers and a good wine for the weekend is always good for the mood. And sometimes it can get a bit much to carry. But thanks to the seat compartment which is for the battery, I can store a few more things.

6. Outdoor Workout In Nature

When I can’t go to the gym, I do outdoor sports in nature. Often I ride with the unu to the Alster lake. There I go jogging and do some simple workouts with my body and weights. With the unu I can go there and back in a chilled way and get a refreshing breeze on the way.

7. Meditative E-Scooter Cleaning

When it´s Sunday and good weather, it´s unu cleaning day! Cleaning is like a little meditation and is even a lot of fun. I take a bowl of warm water and an eco-friendly all purpose cleaner from ecover and a sustainable cloth and sponge. I clean everything: the rims, the seat, the lights, the mirror, until the complete unu flashes 🙂

Oh and charging the battery!

The unu Scooter Classic has a portable battery with a range of 50 km. Once a week, I charge the battery easily at home (70% in 2 hours) to be prepared for the next week. The battery provides up to 50km range which equals up to 3 days of driving. The battery has a lifetime of 7-10 years (1000 charging cycles). By the way: the motor (BOSCH) and the wheels are manufactured in Germany. The speed is about 45 km/h sometimes more and the acceleration is the best when the battery is half full.

And Here Comes The News:

After the unu Classic which I have been riding, unu has launched a new digital E-scooter which is available for preorder now! The new E-scooter has a different modern design and many new features such as micro sharing with a digital key (great for small businesses and teams).

Find out all facts about unu at

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