Along with the global shift to eating green, our beauty counters have also turned a degree greener, and the trend isn’t going anywhere in the second half of 2017.

Tired of stocking up the same bottles packed with the same old natural goodies? Shea butter, avocado, olive, coconut and argan oil — these are well-known in the eco beauty game, boasting a wealth of benefits, but it’s time to look beyond the ordinary. This summer, try experimenting with a new front row of revamped game-changers, offering something for all — body, spirit and senses. Today’s green beauty industry has turned to faraway lands and exotic cultures for inspiration, reflecting our thirst for the unknown and hunger for things yet to discover — this season’s trends, whether deriving from practice and wisdom of traditional remedies and ancient rituals of the Far Eastern culture, compounds borrowed from Nordic nature, or come inspired from the farm and food table, present us with a more varied choice of organic components, and along with it, more surprising benefits! I’ve listed the best ingredients and trends to look for in summer 2017. All in for a healthier, more glowing skin — it’s time to reap the benefits of investing into your natural beauty. Go plant power!

1. Aloe Vera

There must be a reason the ancient Egyptians called it the “Plant of Immortality”. Well known for its soothing effect and treatment for a sunburn, this green plant’s benefits go far beyond the obvious. Aloe gel also serves as an effective treatment for acne, but also fights signs of ageing, moisturises, lessens the visibility of stretch marks, treats psoriasis, insect bites and rashes. Due to its many healing effects, this wonder plant is an absolute must-have in any first aid kit and skincare routine, especially to purify and hydrate. Look for products such as:

Glossier — Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, $22

French Girl Organics — Cleansing Wash, $18

Whamisa — Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask, $9

2. Power of Nordic Nature: Nordic Berries and Chaga Mushroom

Rich Nordic nature holds many treasures — from berries to mushrooms to tree leaves — that boast a variety of health benefits, but are most importantly cherished for behaving as antioxidants. Over time, the damage caused by UV rays, pollution and stress results in accelerated skin ageing. Antioxidants are essential to the healthy functioning of skin, as they obstruct the oxidation of other molecules, and help to fight free radicals and thus prevent ageing.

Chaga mushroom extract is rich in antioxidants and has been used for centuries. In skincare, it can be used to even out pigmentation and repair and prevent skin infections, fight wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, premature ageing and sun damage. Look for products such as:

Supermood — One Minute Facelift SerumBLITHE — Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

BLITHE — Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

3. Borrowing from cultures in the Far East: Ayurvedic medicine inspired ingredients, Chinese traditional folk medicine and Korean beauty (K-beauty)

Expect components that spark intrigue as the influence of Asia has taken over our bathroom cabinets and is only on the rise. Centuries old traditions and ancient rituals have been revamped and ethically bottled (even if they sometimes appear quizzical at first glance) naturals are here only to boost your skin’s health.

Ayurvedic medicine (or Ayurveda), which developed more than 3,000 years ago in Inidia, is known to be the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on the balance between the spirit, mind and body. SkinYoga from India draws inspiration from Ayurveda, and has created a beauty line inspired by traditional Indian face care rituals. For an Ayurvedic skincare experience at home, try their Sandalwood – Saffron Face Mask $39.

The root of Astragalus (Radix astragali) is one of the most popular Chinese herbs, which is used traditionally to strengthen the immune system, boost energy, and promote skin health. It accelerates the growth of collagen-producing cells called fibroblast. To test the effect of this miracle herb, try Australian brand Raw Complexions’ — Skin Balance Beauty Food, $35 supplement.

Korean Beauty (K-Beauty) has taken the industry by storm, being miles ahead of us with innovations in skin care. Sheet masks, BB creams and cushion compacts are only a small fraction of what we owe to the industry. Korean beauty is always ahead with a blend of unique, surprising ingredients and also the mask game, with some of them working wonders even when you sleep. Their latest it-ingredient being Yuza, a juicy citrus fruit that looks like a miniature grapefruit. In South Korea, it is found on tropical Jeju Island. Containing a high amount of Vitamin C, the perks of Yuza are its soothing and softening effect, helping to heal your chapped skin and stimulate collagen production. Look for products such as:

Erborian — Yuza Double Lotion, $36

4. Earthly Ingredients — Charcoal & Clay

Earthly ingredients, such as charcoal and clay, are in high demand due to their detoxing effect, which is helping to keep problematic skin under control. Charcoal is probably not the first thing that comes in mind when looking for effective face care, but it’s good for extracting dirt, excess oil and toxins out of the skin. Clay helps to decongest pores and keep skin’s imbalances under control. It can also be used for a thorough detox — preparing your skin for absorbing other creams and serums more effectively altogether. Also: Pink clay is excellent for cell renewal, skin rejuvenation, and improving elasticity. It is high in iron oxide and silica which help to regenerate skin tissue. Look for products such as:

Origins — Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, $17

Indie Lee — Clearing Mask, $60

Herbivore — Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask, $22

5. Superfood Skin Care — From Super Seeds to Super Greens

You might already be familiar with these ingredients on your breakfast table and in lavish post-workout meals, but superfoods are not only essential to your health on the inside, but when blended into cosmetics, they become essential to your skin’s health, too. Think of them like your favourite blend of green juice, but only better. Practice adding some superfoods to your skin’s diet now, and reap the benefits. Look for products such as:

Votary — Super Seed Oil, $78

Goop by Juice Beauty – Luminous Melting Cleanser, $90

Youth To The People – Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Age Prevention Cleanser, $36

6. Turmeric

Is there a super spice that can remove skin’s oiliness, remove dark spots and ease the effect of ageing all at once? The answer is yes — and comes in the form of turmeric, repeat, repeat. With its use dating back 4,000 years, this yellow spice is not only used to garnish traditional dishes, but also as a powerful remedy for skin concerns. The trendy Ayurvedic spice isn’t just good for your insides, but also packs a powerful range of healing properties in favour of your skin. Turmeric behaves as ‘anti’-everything — anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and antibacterial, meaning it can help with clogged pores, redness and even facial hair growth. Turmeric is also good to use on sensitive skin. Look for products such as:

Yllo — Face Scrub Powder, $24.95

Juara — Turmeric Antioxidant Radiance Mask, $38

7. Farm-to-Face

Reach for Farm-to-Face skincare when your skin is dull and needs extra rejuvenation, like after a long winter period. Borrow from the farm, when you’re looking for skin-healing powers and a high dose of vitamins cultivated by prosperous sunshine on farmland and fields. For example, raw honey harvested on Tata’s Vermont farm harnesses antibacterial properties and helps to soothe, regenerate and restore. Look for products such as:

Tata Harper — Honey Blossom Mask, $65

8. Anti-Pollution Skincare

Anti-pollution cosmetics and urban detox have become modern-day buzzwords in all skincare. Living in today’s urban environments require an extra thought for protecting skin from pollution, as the spread of free radicals are responsible for up to 90% of the visible signs of ageing. Protecting your skin in the right way has become mandatory: human body does produce some antioxidants, yet many essential ones must be supplied through diet and topically — absorbed with skin care products. To fight the fatigue deriving from polluted air in cities, look for ingredients, such as Algae, Jojoba oil, Watercress Leaf, Alchemical Vulgaris (Lady’s Mantle). Look for brands such as:

Madara Cosmetics — Detox Ultra Purifying Mud Mask, $7

French Girl Organics — Facial Oil Elixir with Jojoba oil, $44