We did the “hard” work for you and found the best healthy – and sustainable! – food spots in Sydney. This required a lot of taste testing, and believe us, every single dish we tried was delicious! All of these restaurants serve healthy fresh meals prepared with only the best organic, locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. Read on to discover a new favourite!

The Grounds of Alexandria | ALEXANDRIA

This beautiful green acre of land is located only a short trip from the heart of Sydney. As soon as you walk through the leafy green archway, you will discover a new surprise around every corner; from the florist, to the urban farm housing some very happy looking animals, to the artisan bakery and cafe. There are a number of different options for a meal across their different kitchens in the bakery, cafe, and garden restaurant. The menus are derived from what is available, in season, and fresh as well as what is available in their their own sustainable garden. The Grounds is known for its delicious, health food, markets, hands on experiences, and on-site coffee roastery.

Website: thegrounds.com.au

Instagram: @thegrounds

Funkis Köket | PADDINGTON

What began as a flagship store – funkis – soon became a prime boutique shopping and cafe experience in the heart of Paddington. funkis is a Swedish inspired, Australian contemporary design firm best known for their sustainable sandals and clogs.The köket, which is Swedish for Kitchen, is a more recent addition to the funkis Paddington location. Here you can sample Scandinavian inspired, yet deliciously modern treats created using the best local produce. They work hard with their suppliers to make sure their organic and high quality menu is packed full of the best that the region has to offer; with a bit of a Swedish twist of course!

Website: funkiskoket.com

Instagram: @funkiskoket


Orchard St create amazing, healthy, cold-pressed juices to enjoy straight away or that you can use for a juice cleanse. They are very conscious of the environmental footprint and and sources their organic ingredients as local as possible. They also only use glass bottles to ensure their customers get the maximum benefits from their juices, and to reduce the ridiculous number of plastic products on this earth. They are also a little bit different in the fact that they incorporate interesting, and unique Australian natives into their juice recipes.

Website: orchardstreet.com.au

Instagram: @orchardstlove

Three Blue Ducks | BRONTE

Three Blue Ducks has three different amazing, unique locations which all have something slightly different on offer. Whether its the laid-back farm experience in Byron Bay, the Argentinian grill inspired menu at Rosebery, or the cosy Bronte location where we had the chance to experience incredible food, with equally great service. At Three Blue Ducks, the focus is on a “honest, innovate, and local” dining (and drinking) experience. Many of the ingredients in the menu come from the garden just behind the restaurant, while others are sourced from responsible farmers who are located only a stones throw away. Not only are their ingredients organic, local, and fair, but they also have solar panels on the roof to power the kitchen and restaurant, as well as using eco-friendly everything!

Website: threeblueducks.com

Instagram: @threeblueducks

Acai Brothers | BONDI + MORE

Brothers (from differing mothers) Sam and Ben, have brought the world of superfoods to the masses in a beautiful, fruity bowl. The health and fitness fanatics saw a gap in the market for easily accessible, healthy and nourishing food and jumped at the chance to fill it with their Acai Bowls, Smoothies, Juices, and other raw goodies. Their menu and toppings change depending on the seasons and availability of their ingredients. Their Instagram account is all the motivation you need to dive into these delicious looking bowls of goodness! They have locations all over Sydney, and the rest of Australia so you can easily get your daily dose of superfruits!

Website: acaibrothers.com.au

Instagram: @acaibrothers

Pressed Juices | BONDI / MOSMAN / MLC CENTRE

Pressed Juices was born in Melbourne out of a desire for readily accessible, healthy, raw, cold-pressed juices. Their delicious range of juices, smoothies, and mylks is created using the best ingredients and are always free from undesirables such as preservatives, artificial additives and sugars. Though they have similar names, they are not affiliated with Pressed Juicery from the United States.

Website: pressedjuices.com.au

Instagram: @pressedjuices

The Nine | BONDI

The Nine gets its name from the 9 different mediterranean cuisines seamlessly blended into a deliciously healthy breakfast and lunch menu. The menu is is inspired by the seasons and the availability of fresh produce from the region. They use the best ethically sourced, organic, and toxic-chemical free ingredients, and their entire beer, wine, and cocktail menu is completely organic.

Website: theninesydney.com.au

Instagram: @theninesydney

Scoop Wholefoods | BONDI

Located right in the heart of Bondi, Scoop Wholefoods is perfect for picking up a few bits and pieces to keep your travels as waste and plastic-free as possible. If you brought your own containers, great! Otherwise you can pick up some new ones there to take with you on your travels. They source the best natural, organic, and environmentally responsible whole foods from all over Australia and beyond. Their amazing range of nut butters looked particularly appealing!

Website: scoopwholefoods.com.au

Instagram: @ScoopWholefoods

All photos: MOCHNI