There are so many great black women and femmes who inspire us. Their creativity and ways of changing the world impress us and we would love to introduce them all. Here, we’ve picked eight inspiring black women and femmes from whom we can learn a lot about sustainability, social justice and intersectionality.

Jazmine Rogers

Image source: @thatcurlytop (Jazmine Rogers)

Jazmine is a 25 years old, half black and half Mexican sustainable influencer, who began to fall in love with the environment, to learn more about the ecosystem and how we are involved in it. Nowadays, it’s typical to be constantly on trend and wearing new clothes, which means that many people, for example through influencers, are pressured to do the same. For this reason, she created a hashtag called “ReWearThat.” The goal is to reuse what we bought. From this we can conclude that we should all start wearing our outfits repeatedly and thus value our clothes more.

Instagram: @thatcurlytop

Mireille Cassandra Harper

Image source: @mireillecharper (Mireille Charper)

Mireille is editorial director at Bluebird, author of DK’s Timelines of Black History and supporter of the Black History Book. She is passionate about inclusion, equity, representation and diversity  and is a contributor to migrations and the voice of children and youth. She is also determined when it comes to implementing her passion and engagement in her line of work as a journalist.

Instagram: @mireillecharper

Addie Fisher

Image source: @oldworldnew (Addie Fisher)

Addie is a creative and loves to create new things. She helps people to preserve the natural beauty of this world. While studying architecture, she learned about the world of sustainability. She fell in love with designing and reusing buildings until she finally decided to pursue sustainable fashion. Since then, her everyday life and living space have been sustainable. Her goal is to share her sustainable journey with us. She strongly believes that everything can be made sustainable. “Everything can be made sustainable.” that’s her quote. Innovation is an important point. She strongly believes that everything we do in our daily lives can be achieved in a sustainable or conscious way.

Instagram: @oldworldnew

Taylor Elyse Morrison

Image source: @taylorelysemorrison (Taylor Elyse Morrison)

Taylor shows us how to focus on the moment. Self-care plays a big role in her life. In the morning, before she starts work, she meditates for 10 minutes, reads for 30 minutes and takes time to write in her journal. Afterwards, she does 45 minutes of sports. Her philosophy is to make the practice cumulative and not stressful. Taylor is a founder, speaker, podcast host and facilitator. Her goal is to rid the world of burnout. She spends her time traveling and meeting people she supports, and brings her inner workouts to companies like Google and FranklinCovey.

Instagram: @taylorelysemorrison

Aja Barber

Image source: @ajaberber (Aja Berber)

Aja Barbier is author, consultant and stylist. Her cornerstone lies on ethics, intersectional feminism, sustainability, systems of power, and racism. Her focus is to address issues of privilege, inequality, racism, feminism, colonialism, and how to improve the fashion industry. She also educates the masses with her inspiring daily microblogs that she publishes on Instagram. In her articles, she highlights inequality on a personal, societal, and corporate level and uses her own experiences and observations to suggest how to change it.

Instagram: @ajabarber

Samata Pattinson

Image source: @iam_samata (Samata Pattinson)

Samata Pattinson, Executive Director of RCGD (red carpet, green dress) was born in the UK and has her roots in Ghana. Samata values change and thus started a journey for her that has made her the executive director of the organization today. With a belief in change, she inspires people and leads conversations with communities, businesses, global brands and artisans about how fashion can become a positive force for change. Along the way, she is also an author, broadcaster, and lecturer. she wants to reach people to inspire them, elevate their experiences, and thus create interest in making decisions that can make a difference.

Instagram: @iam_samata

Dechel Mckillian

Image source: @dechel_mckillian (Dechel Mckillian)

Dechel is a fashion stylist and designer. After studying overseas, she traveled the world for four years, immersing herself in the life of fashion and cultures to broaden her experiences and interests. With her sustainable shopping platform Galerie.LA. , Dechel offers a wide selection of eco-conscious women’s fashion. On Galerie.LA customers can explore their values without sacrificing their style. Her goal is to have a positive impact on the fashion industry.

Instagram: @dechel_mckillian

Jamesa Hawthorne (they/them)

Image souce: @jamesa_hawthorne (Jamesa Hawthorne)

Jamesa is a Black, trans and non-binary femme from Los Angeles. They are part of the Black healing Fund and founder of Jam Haw Herbals. Their website serves as an apothecary for artisanal, clinically informed, creatively inspired and ancestral guided herbal medicine. At a young age, Jamesa discovered their love of nature and developed a connection to Mother Earth. Jamesas experiences in various countries have shaped their perspective on organic, regional and seasonal herbalism.

Instagram: @jamesa_hawthorne