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Kicking the fast-fashion habit can be tough.

Especially for die-hard fashion lovers, there is something undeniably addicting about walking out of a store with all the latest trends and your wallet still intact. Luckily, there are many easy tips to help you curb your obsession and start shopping more sustainably. Find out below how to build your dream closet while avoiding cheap clothing shops!


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If you are struggling to let go of your fast fashion infatuation, a great starting point is simply researching eco-friendly shopping alternatives. With internet searching and online shopping, it’s easier than ever to find out about the most popular eco clothing brands. As the fashion industry continues to become more eco-conscious, sustainable clothing is evolving far beyond expensive minimal basics or earth-toned hippy vibes. Nowadays, there is a wider range of ethical fashion in styles and budgets for a variety of customers.

To narrow down your options, pinpoint a few brands that match your personal taste and price range. Once you have a chance to try on some items and get a sense of how the clothing fits, you can start building a sustainable wardrobe one piece at a time.


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Make a few well-thought out purchases each year from ethical brands rather than spending impulsively at fast fashion stores. Using a methodical approach to shopping will help you to create a more timeless and versatile wardrobe, and prevent the dreaded “nothing to wear” syndrome that many of us know too well. Pinching pennies to splurge on a few items that you truly love is a superior alternative to over-indulging on trendy pieces that will be tired within a year. Eventually you’ll lose the urge to mindlessly wander shops such as H&M in search of something inexpensive and trendy to freshen up your closet.


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If you stop treating clothing as “disposable”, and take the time to care for them properly, your pieces will last much longer. From the start, invest in garments that are made from natural fabrics such as cotton instead of polyester and synthetics. Hand wash and dry using natural and organic laundry detergents.


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Buying vintage may be considered the most “sustainable” way to shop. What could be less wasteful than recycling old garments instead of throwing it in the garbage? In fact, shopping at vintage stores is a great way to build an eclectic collection of clothing. Although it may be difficult to have an entire wardrobe from secondhand garments (especially when considering underwear), this option is perfect for those who appreciate a unique look and want to avoid looking too trendy.

Having trouble getting motivated?
Here is a pyramid to help kick-start your eco-conscious closet:

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