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Amanda O´Brien

Amanda is a writer and marketer, based in Los Angeles, CA. Amanda enjoys treasure hunting for great vintage finds and recently launched Jean Franklin, a sustainable, ethical and vintage online store carrying clothing and home goods. You can find Amanda walking her rescue pups, Noodle and Nellie or whipping up some tasty home-cooked meals.

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What Can You Do As Consumer To Change The Fashion Industry?

Vote with your wallet.

made in los angeles
Let’s Talk About Made In L.A. And The Shocking Conditions For Garment Workers

Yes, you can also find bad working conditions in the city of angels.

‘Made in USA’ What Does It Mean vs. What It Might Convey?

Do you prefer ‘Made in U.S.A.’ products?

los angeles vintage guide
Top Vintage Fashion Boutiques in Los Angeles

Lalaland & vintage love.

Peace Silk: How Ethical Is Commercial Silk vs. Peace Silk Really?

Have you ever thought about the cruelty vs. cruelty-free silk process?

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