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Ellen Saville

Ellen is the Creative Director of The Endery - a brand that uses a zero waste approach to develop contemporary knitwear from deadstock materials, combined with traditional craft and knitters in Peru. With many years of experience in the handmade textile industry, she has worked with Latin American artisans, and launched sustainable productions for well known brands such as Nike, and Banana Republic. As a creative consultant and sustainable fashion advocate, she works for alpaca mill Inca Tops to develop their yearly handknitting collection.

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Made in Peru.

Cultural Misappropriation In Fashion And Textiles Art

Copying art can be extremely problematic.

The Crochet Mochila Bag Is The Artwork Of The Wayuu People Of Colombia

Inspiración colombiana.

South America. How Their Ancient Weaving Skills Help Their Indigenous Communities

“What we save, saves us.”

What Does Fair Fashion Mean?

Let’s see behind the glamour of beautiful glossy images…

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