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Hanna-Amanda Pant

Hanna-Amanda is a London-based sustainability journalist and serial traveller avidly boycotting fast fashion and proactively keeping herself on the radar of new sustainability trends. After having attained a Fashion Journalism degree in University for the Creative Arts, London, Hanna-Amanda set up her own digital slow lifestyle publication www.savant-magazine.com, dedicated to a visual assemblage of all things ethical and sustainable. Hanna-Amanda shares a great passion for French culture, slow living and exploring the little marvels and miracles all around the world…

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Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of Local Production

Roll your shirt up.

vegan leather vs. real leather
Vegan Leather vs. Biodegradable Leather: Which Is The Winner?

It’s a very difficult decision! We need to know more about it.

8 Clean Beauty Trends: And Our Top Skincare Product Tips

Along with the global shift to eating green, our beauty counters have also turned a…

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