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Nicki Patel

Nicki Patel is the founder of milo+nicki, a cruelty-free, ethically designed womenswear line designed to empower the ever-evolving woman to conquer her fears and pursue what sets her soul on fire through the vibrant colors of Nicki’s culture, traditions, and life experiences. milo+nicki advocates for gender equality, sustainable living and animal rights through conscious, cruelty-free design and manufacturing in the USA. Nicki is also a personal stylist, avid runner, and animal lover. Learn more about their story and pre-order their first collection at bit.ly/weareunstoppable.

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What Is An Ocean Dead Zone And Why Is The Fashion Industry A Contributor?

An ocean dead zone is no fake news.

Cambodia Economy Garment Factory - Jun 2013
The Fashion industry Affects More Than The Environment!

Let’s take a look at some impacts.

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