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Rachel Bare

Rachel Bare is the creator of Living Baree and currently the studio manager at Space by Mama Medicine in New York City. She has always had a connection to creating and enjoying the beauty in simplicity. Prior to joining Space by Mama Medicine Rachel studied fashion business and grew a career as a fashion stylist in New York City. Due to the mental frustration she had seeing the enormous amount of physical and mental waste in her industry and city she began a spiritual, wellness and minimal waste journey to find calm, clarity and to be the ripple of change she wanted to see in the world. She is now learning and exploring a life curated consciously and sustainably in Brooklyn, New York.

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How To Cleanse Your Space With Sacred Herb Smudging

Let´s clean all negative energy.

mama medicine ny
Mama Medicine, A Healing Studio In Soho, NYC

A massage for your spirit and your soul.

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