Antonia Böhlke

Founder and Editor-in-Chief of MOCHNI.



Céline Semaan Vernon

Céline Semaan Vernon is a designer, advocate, writer, and founder of Slow Factory and The Library Sustainable Fashion Archive. She writes for New York Mag: The Cut, Elle, Refinery29, Huffington Post, among others. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, CNN, Vogue, Refinery29, Scientific American, Fast Company, Teen Vogue and many more.

Aylea Skye

Aylea Skye is the creator, editor and writer of The VogueCIEL, a fashion, culture and lifestyle blog. Her inquisitive disposition and love of learning manifest in her writing of which amalgamates most of her interest; writing healthy plant-based recipes, to an article about ‘frailty of common aphorisms’. She has always had a passion for food, but her passion flourished when she decided to eat consciously, making her consider the sustainability and nutrition of food, without substituting taste!

Joi Sears

Joi M Sears is a creative strategist, professor and social entrepreneur. She is the founder and Creative Director of Free People International a social enterprise which specializes in designing sustainable products, creative platforms and innovative experiences for the greater social good.


Kasi Martin is the gal behind The Peahen (thepeahen.com) where she writes about fashion and ethics. She's an advocate for conscious living, sustainable fashion, and transparent supply chains. She’s also a stylist and model in Austin, Texas. Find her on Instagram @the_peahen.

Elizabeth Cooney

Originally from London, now based in New York, Elizabeth is a graphic designer who moonlights as the founder and writer for ethical fashion website, Fashion Conscious. With a penchant for a cool, contemporary aesthetic, she wants to show how style and substance aren’t mutually exclusive.

Nicki Patel

Nicki Patel is the founder of milo+nicki, a cruelty-free, ethically designed womenswear line designed to empower the ever-evolving woman to conquer her fears and pursue what sets her soul on fire through the vibrant colors of Nicki’s culture, traditions, and life experiences. milo+nicki advocates for gender equality, sustainable living and animal rights through conscious, cruelty-free design and manufacturing in the USA. Nicki is also a personal stylist, avid runner, and animal lover. Learn more about their story and pre-order their first collection at bit.ly/weareunstoppable.

Manuela Obando

Based in Colombia, Manuela Obando works as an inspiration medium and creative consultant for fashion brands. Born and raised in Bogota, her insane love for fashion brought her to Paris, where she became an adult. Her experience there led her to the conclusion that fashion should be more innovative and sustainable. Ever since she has been passionate about names that make fashion smarter and committed to inspire others to do better.

Hanna-Amanda Pant

Hanna-Amanda is a London-based sustainability journalist and serial traveller avidly boycotting fast fashion and proactively keeping herself on the radar of new sustainability trends. After having attained a Fashion Journalism degree in University for the Creative Arts, London, Hanna-Amanda set up her own digital slow lifestyle publication www.savant-magazine.com, dedicated to a visual assemblage of all things ethical and sustainable. Hanna-Amanda shares a great passion for French culture, slow living and exploring the little marvels and miracles all around the world…

Samantha Yee

Sam is a student at the University of California Berkeley and the founder of The Little Flower Collective, an online boutique that celebrates the unique beauty of every woman and features products from female artisans all over the world. She is a preschool teacher who has previously worked in fashion and journalism, a clean eating foodie, and the granddaughter of a coconut oil tycoon.

Cassandra Fischer

Cassandra Fischer is a Chicago based graphic designer, writer and creator of Chic for Good, a life and style blog featuring ethically produced pieces. When she’s not designing or blogging, you can find Cassandra snuggling with her pug puppy or spending time with her husband.

Rachael Hamann

Rachael is a green beauty and conscious living blogger and comes from a background of sustainability and environmental management. Though she will always call Australia home, she is currently living in Germany where she first stumbled into the world of green beauty. From there, she has made it her mission to help inform others about what they are putting on their skin and what to look for in “safer” skincare and makeup alternatives.

Anikó Legner

Based in as well as originally from Berlin, Aniko is currently doing a BA course in Fashion Design. Her blog thisisgelato.com focuses on sustainable fashion and lifestyle and seeks to promote the idea that style can align perfectly well with thoughtfulness and ethics. Aside from her university studies, she is also working as a photographer, social media editor and occasional editorial contributor at Amazingy.com, a Berlin-based online shop for green beauty with an adjoining online magazine. She’s spent some time living in the UK, too, and regards travel and change of scenery as a major source of inspiration. When she’s not busy with her creative endeavours, she loves to cook and assemble gorgeous breakfast bowls.

Emily Bayley

Emily Bayley is a Brooklyn based fashion designer and the founder of Faelyn, a new brand of eco-friendly lingerie. After studying art and fashion in college she quickly realized her passion was in sustainable design. Soon she came up with the idea for a lingerie brand that brought together a feminine sensibility with strong sustainable ethics. For the past year she’s been busy dreaming up designs and building the brand out of her Brooklyn apartment, while simultaneously working full time at another fashion house in Manhattan.

Ellen Saville

Ellen is the Creative Director of The Endery - a brand that uses a zero waste approach to develop contemporary knitwear from deadstock materials, combined with traditional craft and knitters in Peru. With many years of experience in the handmade textile industry, she has worked with Latin American artisans, and launched sustainable productions for well known brands such as Nike, and Banana Republic. As a creative consultant and sustainable fashion advocate, she works for alpaca mill Inca Tops to develop their yearly handknitting collection.

Laura Snijder

Laura recently graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion & Textile Technologies. While writing her final thesis for a sustainable Dutch brand, she decided not to take part in the fast fashion industry any longer. That’s why she will open her online-store ‘Take It Slow’ with only the coolest sustainable fashion brands, launching summer 2017. By opening her online store Laura hopes to encourage the modern Dutch women to buy Fair Trade and sustainable fashion items. Meanwhile Laura likes to share her thoughts about slow fashion on Mochni and works part-time for Nukuhiva a Fair Trade fashion- and lifestyle store in Amsterdam.

Lara Cardoso

Lara is a master's student of Media and Communications at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. She splits her time between Toronto and London and is currently researching media, fashion, sustainability and slow. After interning at Fashion Takes Action, Lara took it upon herself to continue to write and inform others on fashion in eco-conscious contexts. Find Lara bidding like a pro on eBay, reading all-things-slow, or creating her latest article for her sustainable fashion blog, SLOLARA.

Simone Schroeter

Simone heads up digital marketing at Australian wellness company WelleCo, teaches yoga, eats way too much raw vegan chocolate and explores sustainable & ethical fashion through her editorial The Ethereal Edit. She lives beside the seaside in what is apparently the sunniest city in the world, Perth, Western Australia.

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is an optimistic life lover, creative mind and the co-founder of thebrightchange.com. She loves ethical fashion, living a healthy and conscious lifestyle, learning and growing.

Francesca Willow

Francesca Willow is a London based performance artist and founder of Ethical Unicorn, a website focusing on living an ethical, zero waste lifestyle. She trained in contemporary dance and spends a lot of time touring the world with international poets, but her passion in all that she does is to leave places better than when she found them. It was this that led her to start Ethical Unicorn, with the ambition to help busy people find simple solutions to make the world a more sustainable, happier place whilst still supporting innovation and the next generation of creative thinkers.

Cindy van Rees

Cindy is a sustainable graphic designer and photographer who aims to live and work as sustainable as possible. After studying Graphic Design in the Netherlands and a Master Sustainable Design in London she became convinced and committed to live and spread a sustainable lifestyle. She dearly loves white, plants, - fairtrade - chocolate, books, cycling, her camera and travelling. - That last one being her slightly unsustainable guilty pleasure. She firmly believes in the power of small changes, which is why she founded online platform `Tiny tips that shake the world´, which aims to, in a positive and funny way, make a sustainable life more easily accessible and appealing by offering people tiny tips that help them live a little more sustainable.

Laura Snijder

Laura recently graduated with a Bachelor in Fashion & Textile Technologies. While writing her final thesis for a sustainable Dutch brand, she decided not to take part in the fast fashion industry any longer. That’s why she will open her online-store ‘Take It Slow’ with only the coolest sustainable fashion brands, launching summer 2017. By opening her online store Laura hopes to encourage the modern Dutch women to buy Fair Trade and sustainable fashion items. Meanwhile Laura likes to share her thoughts about slow fashion on Mochni and works part-time for Nukuhiva a Fair Trade fashion- and lifestyle store in Amsterdam.

Cait Bagby

After Cait completed her MA in War Studies she decided to bridge her academic training with her passion for fashion and set out to help those in the textile industry by educating consumers on the dangers of fast fashion. By providing stylish eco alternatives, Cait is leading the way in ethical consumerism; saving her clients money, providing safer working conditions for textile producers, and cleaning up the environment one garment at a time.

Nina Wolfsberger

Nina is a graphic designer and blogger. While living in London she discovered sustainable fashion and has been obsessed with it ever since. She writes about issues she has been coming across while changing her own lifestyle to a more sustainable one. Besides writing and designing, she enjoys working out, red wine and art.

Amina Stella Steiner

Hi, I'm Amina, blogger and social media ninja from Vienna, AT. I combined my passion for sustainability, photography and writing to raise my voice for stories that matter. My blog stellamina.com is a platform for people, stories and mindsets. It is a place where I question daily life, search for answers and give answers – in order to live the most beautiful and purposeful life possible.

Susannah Emerson

Susannah Emerson is the creator of The Keep Collection, a clothing line & online journal that takes the concept of "Slow Fashion" one step further by releasing all our items as an edition: i.e. one part an exquisite limited-edition clothing piece & one part the piece's full backstory as told through art, prose, poetry, video, interviews & beyond. Susannah is passionate about sharing the creative process with readers, customers & collaborators. She spends most of her time brainstorming how to run a business like an art project & practicing handstands.

Maria Scherlies

Maria is a communication design student and passionate photographer from Berlin, Germany. Apart from good design and good food she also loves traveling, road trips and ocean views. That's why ocean awareness and conservation got more and more important for her and are quite visible in her photos and graphics.

Amanda O´Brien

Amanda is a writer and marketer, based in Los Angeles, CA. Amanda enjoys treasure hunting for great vintage finds and recently launched Jean Franklin, a sustainable, ethical and vintage online store carrying clothing and home goods. You can find Amanda walking her rescue pups, Noodle and Nellie or whipping up some tasty home-cooked meals.

Paulina Kulczycki

Paulina is a vegan and creative nomad, working as a conscious editor, graphic designer in fashion and yoga teacher whilst living between Bali, Barcelona, and Hamburg. After her studies in communication design and interactive media, she continued a Master's degree in fashion styling and art direction. She's now dedicating herself both professionally and personally to her passion for intuitive art, ethical fashion, sustainability, and mindfulness.

Raphaëlle Gagnon

Raphaelle Gagnon, is the owner of a mobile off-grid skincare company called Boreal Folk apothecary specializing in natural wild harvested skincare products. She is a modern day nomad, van dweller, traveler, fermenter, wildcrafter, forager, skincare formulator, herbalist - always looking to spend more time among wild plants deep in the Canadian wilderness. With her wild and free ways, she is challenging the conventional way of life as well as redefining new ways of doing business.

Romy van Leeuwen

Romy van Leeuwen is Psychology student from The Netherlands and a conscious lifestyle blogger at Good For. She aims to make the world a better place by writing about conscious topics, including eco cosmetics and sustainability, but mostly about her passion: fair and sustainable fashion. In this way, she tries to spread the word of conscious living to the broader public and step-by-step making the world ready for sustainability. She strives to live as environment- and animal-friendly by cutting out meat and dairy from her diet and believing in slow fashion.

Gina Hahlhege

Gina lives in Hamburg and dedicates herself to social trend topics. With her good mood and positive nature she loves to meet people with a smile. Humour is always her first priority. As an absolute food junkie, she is constantly exploring new cafés and restaurants, appreciating sociability and German home cooking.

Juliane Ziegler

Juliane has a background in textile management, international development work and communications. Living and working around the globe she got inspired by traditional ways of making textiles and their power of cultural expression. Combining her expertise with her love for beauty and sustainability she started working towards creating fairer supply chains with the Partnership for Sustainable Textiles, initiated by the German Government. In her support of fair fashion with original storylines she is eager to attract a bigger audience to sustainably made textiles.

Christy McCormick

Christy McCormick is an artist who skilfully weaves her way through a web of creative medium, masterfully employing each with a playful tenacity and discernible style. Graduating from the London College of Fashion, Christy is highly trained in illustration and demonstrates an articulate ability to capture her subject. Christy deftly captures the human body, an emotion or gesture, in rippling watercolours, inks, oils or charcoal to sketch her muse with an imaginative gaze. Based in London where she has completed a BA in Fashion Illustration, Christy works on a freelance basis, taking private commissions and collaborations. Her recent work has been an Amazonian inspired sustainable nightwear collection and selection of tribal illustrations raising awareness of deforestation and climate change issues.

Dolly James

Dolly James is the Co-founder and Creative Director of Lupe, an online store for sustainable diamonds and gold jewellery. Dolly has been in the antique jewellery game for over 3 years alongside her engineering career. From her background in renewable energy to her current work in sustainable fashion, Dolly wants to change the way we all think about consumption; she is a bona fide believer of buying less, choosing well and that true luxury is something we don’t need to compromise on.

Charlotte Horler

Charlotte Horler is an Outreach Executive and occasional Volunteer Stylist for a charity based in the UK. They uses second hand and surplus clothing to help empower women through employment. In her spare time, she is undertaking online courses in Ethics, Sustainability and Responsibility whilst starting up her own website and social media accounts under the name, An Ethical Guide, which focus on drawing attention to brands that are trying to create a positive impact in one way or another.

Helen Turner

Acupuncturist and Health Coach, Helen Turner, has over 10 years of working in the health and wellness industry. After living in Bermuda for six years she now resides in Amsterdam. She is a specialist in Facial Acupuncture which is a natural way to improve the condition of the skin and slow the effects of aging. With her writing she encourages people to live healthier and happier lives by covering topics such as holistic health and oriental medicine. She is passionate about green beauty and slow fashion and encourages her clients to live healthier and more sustainable lives. Her health coaching sessions look at every aspect of her clients’ life and she sets achievable goals to improve target areas such as stress reduction, time management, nutritional changes and exercise advice.

Jenny Barrow

Jenny Barrow is based in the beautiful Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. Through her own health journey, Jenny developed a passion for food and nutrition and loves sharing this with others. She is passionate about eating plant-based, seasonally and sustainably as a way of not only nourishing the body but also supporting local farmers and producers. After working in a variety of fields and then completing more study Jenny is now settled in what she describes as her dream job, working in the Wellness Industry with Janesce Skincare and Bestow Beauty. Blessed with a job that brings her joy, Jenny also fills her soul with family, friends, nature and travelling. She is working towards living a ‘slow and simple’ life.

Laura Ahrens

Laura lives and teaches in Boston, MA, with roots in New York. She leads classes, retreats, and a 200-hour yoga teacher training school, The New School of Yogic Arts. For more on Laura Ahrens: www.ahrens.yoga More on her school, The New School of Yogic Arts: www.thenewschool.yoga

Liya Mirzaeva

Liya Mirzaeva is a Sydney based artist who believes in making unique, sustainable, ethical and zero-waste products. She specialises in wood-fired ceramics and natural dyeing, “I’m fascinated by the science behind it all and drawn to the unknown that nature offers us”. She travels a lot in her camper van, in constant search of clay and different plants. She produces her work both on the road and in her studio back in the city. Liya believes in sharing her knowledge with others and inspire people to live a more conscious life. She’s known under her business name Liya Mira and her work can be viewed through her website liya.com.au

Sarah Lewis

Sarah is an optimistic life lover, creative mind and the co-founder of thebrightchange.com. She loves ethical fashion, living a healthy and conscious lifestyle, learning and growing.

Rachel Bare

Rachel Bare is the creator of Living Baree and currently the studio manager at Space by Mama Medicine in New York City. She has always had a connection to creating and enjoying the beauty in simplicity. Prior to joining Space by Mama Medicine Rachel studied fashion business and grew a career as a fashion stylist in New York City. Due to the mental frustration she had seeing the enormous amount of physical and mental waste in her industry and city she began a spiritual, wellness and minimal waste journey to find calm, clarity and to be the ripple of change she wanted to see in the world. She is now learning and exploring a life curated consciously and sustainably in Brooklyn, New York.

Leah May

Leah is a teenage girl living in Australia, sharing her love for sustainable living with the world. Being passionate about making a difference, she is inspired to help others and the environment in any tiny way she can.

Sophie Louise Claussen

I found my passion for styling through my work as a fashion designer. After I graduated in fashion design in 2017, I worked in London for the past years. Till February 2019 I was the junior design assistant at Rejina Pyo Ltd. But my longing for creative output, let myself to pursue a career in styling. For this reason, I started to assist the Stylist Sophia Costima in New York in 2018 and created ever since editorials in London, Hamburg and Berlin where I am based. I put my broad knowledge of what makes creative design and qualitative garments, into use to generate my visions. As far as possible I position my work in a conscious surrounding, as I believe that it is everyone’s responsibility to take action and to make a change towards a sustainable future in fashion.