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Rachel Beider, the founder of Massage Outpost, asked us if we would like to try out their new massage studio in Dumbo, Brooklyn and we were more than happy to accept her offer. So we went to her new studio in Dumbo and received a 60-minute Deep Tissue massage in their lovely decorated studio at Massage Outpost in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The massage involved applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles) which felt great. After a tense day fully padded with fashion week appointments, this massage has brought the best relaxation for body and mind as especially this massage is designed to address chronic muscle tension, relieve painful, sore or tight muscles, and improve joint mobility. The back and neck pain had disappeared and we felt loose in this bustling city.

In the session, the therapist uses a coconut-based gel which is hypoallergenic. Before and after the message you drink water to hydrate your body. We recommend you to book your massage as well. You will love it. Get $20 off your first appointment by mentioning MOCHNI. New clients only, valid until 12/30/2018.

Massage Outpost
68 Jay Street #609
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Call 646.470.0513 for appointment

Photos: MOCHNI

About the founder Rachel Beider:

Rachel Beider is a business consultant, speaker, educator, and the proud owner of Massage Outpost in Dumbo, Massage Greenpoint and Massage Williamsburg. She is a New York Licensed Massage Therapist. She began her consulting business by working with clients in the wellness field who depended on her expertise and skills to help grow their businesses. Rachel started her own massage practice, Massage Williamsburg, at age 24 in 2008 with the intention of combining a medical-based massage practice with the relaxing environment of a healing space. Her motto is “Delicious Pain, Not Scary Pain”. Since opening its doors in 2008, Massage Williamsburg has seen over 30,000 individual clients. Rachel first studied massage in Thailand on a trip through India and Southeast Asia, becoming certified in Thai Massage at the famous WatPo School in Bangkok. Later she continued her education at the Swedish Institute and became Licensed as a Massage Therapist. Rachel is certified in Prenatal Massage and has taken the ALACE training to become a Professional Doula. She holds Certificates from the NY Institute of Aromatherapy and Ciniquieme Sans from Pratt. Rachel enjoys volunteering regularly. She is also a member of the AMTA and sits on the Boards of Pacific College and the Swedish Institute.

In partnership with Massage Greenpoint.