Safia Minney: Founder People Tree | Managing Director of Po-Zu sustainable footwear brand | Ecologist & Author – Naked Fashion; Slow Fashion; Slave to Fashion. Instagram: @safiaminney

No matter where you are in your ethical fashion journey, there is no doubt that somewhere along the way Safia Minney has, in some way, contributed to your conversation. Her involvement in the zeitgeist-shifting film, The True Cost, may have even been your introduction.

Regardless of whether you’re a newbie to the slow movement or a certified eco expert, Minney’s 2016 book Slow Fashion is the ultimate guide to the world of ethical fashion.

Covering everything from the fashion industry’s impact on the environment and social health to a history of conscious fashion design, this is the ultimate reference book for the growing ‘slow’ movement. Think Sparknotes for the sustainable industry. Compressing definitions, businesses and changemakers into 192 pages.

With such wide scope of information, the strength of this book is also its flaw. At times the content feels abridged and without depth. Minney aims to glaze over the entire industry; often satisfying entire perspectives with just one sentence.

But despite the simplification, if treated as a jumping off platform to engage with an exciting but serious cause, this is essential reading, from one of the movement’s pioneers.

Ger the book `Slow Fashion – Aesthetics Meets Ethics´ for example on

Watch also Safia Minney´s campaign video for her book: Slave to Fashion below.