Ditching animal products does not only make our furry friends happier. It also reduces your carbon footprint. But not all seemingly “vegan” products are automatically eco-friendly. When you buy vegan shoes, you should pay attention to non-synthetic materials and glues and dyes that don’t derive from animals and are kind to our planet. To spare you some time, we searched the Internet for you and found these 10 stylish shoe brands with vegan shoes that change the world, step by step. If you go vegan, walk vegan!

Mireia Playà

It was a pair of lettuce green sandals that inspired founder Mireia to create her own shoe brand. Mireia’s creations are designed in Barcelona and produced in Alicante (Spain). They prove that you don’t need to use animals to look fashionable. Simply combine their vegan ankle boots to jeans, dresses or a miniskirt and you are ready to go. We mean, look at these Eire Booties ? ! The materials of the PETA-approved shoes range from wood, breathable and antibacterial vegan materials to vegan suede & snake-effect faux leather.

Website: mireiaplaya.com
Instagram: @mireiaplaya

Sydney Brown

vegan shoe sydney brown

Sydney Brown offers luxurious vegan shoes ranging from ankle boots, ballerinas (we love the V-Flat Iridescent) and sneakers for conscious women and men. To name just a few of their environmentally- and animal-friendly materials: microfiber derived from recycled plastic bottles, cork, wood, and natural rubber latex. Sydney Brown also works with a factory near Porto, Portugal, which is committed to sustainability, high performance, and new technology constructions.

Website: sydney-brown.com
Instagram: @sydneybrownshoes


vegan shoe bahatika

No animals, no pain. Bahatika is a PETA-approved shoe brand based in Germany. So if you like shiny metallic sneakers, stylish mules, pretty sandals & more you are totally right here. All shoes are ethically produced in Spain and Italy. They feature vegan eco-leather, vegan suede, and more sustainable materials. For the inner linings, they mainly use non-allergic, antibacterial, breathable microfiber material which is mainly 100% free from toxic substances.

Website: bahatika.com
Instagram: @bahatika_official


vegan shoe flamingoslife

Committed to protecting the environment, the Spanish sneaker brand plants 2 trees for every pair you buy. To this day, they have planted around 55 000 trees. – That’s a pretty decent amount, right? And there are many more to come. But Flamingos’Life also cares about garbage in the ocean. So with every purchase made with the Wimbledon Collection (marked with a  ?instead of a ?symbol in their online shop), you contribute to Clean The Pacific Ocean. Some shoes are made with recycled water bottles. Check out their animal-free & skin-friendly sneakers for boys and girls. Perfect for skateboarding or comfortable walks in the city and nature. 100% made in Spain. And 100% PETA-approved, of course.

Website: flamingoslife.com
Instagram: @flamingoslife

Bourgeois Boheme

Bourgeois Boheme from London is one of the most established vegan footwear brands. According to founder and long-term vegan Alicia Lai, “a good vegan shoe should be about more than just excluding animal materials.” Style, quality, durability, and eco-friendliness are therefore just as important in the making of a BB shoe. Their unique asymmetrical designs and comfortable fit have convinced celebs such as Emma Watson,  Natalie Portman, Bryan Adams, and Torrey DeVitto, who are now self-proclaimed BB fans. All shoes are handmade, using innovative animal leather alternatives like Mycro©, Piñatex™ or cork.

Website: bboheme.com
Instagram: @boboheme

Collection & Co

Collection & Co’s PETA-approved shoes are made of no-animal leathers and a variety of up-cycled and eco-friendly materials. We especially love their Piñatex collection, a by-product of the pineapple industry. Among their ankle boots, sandals and high heels, their collection boasts two different unisex sneakers. Collection & Co manufactures only limited quantities in a small factory in Greece.

    Website: collectionandco.co.uk
    Instagram: @collectionandco


    vegan shoe toms

    What TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie started in Venice Beach Los Angeles in 2006, is more than just a shoe brand. The company helps improve lives in over 70 countries in the world by providing clean water, health, education and more. We personally love their variety of animal-friendly and PETA-approved footwear styles. And don’t forget: with every pair you get, a new pair of Toms shoes will be provided to a child in need.

    Website: toms.com
    Instagram: @toms

    BHAVA Studio

    vegan shoe bhava studio

    No more fashion victims, please. NYC-based designer and founder Francisca Pineda thinks that no-one should be exploited by the fashion industry. Simply because animals, the planet, the workers, and you deserve better. Above all, the animal-free company Bhava believes that it’s not necessary to use leather for premium footwear. From organic cotton to hand-painted embossed cork, and premium recycled microfibers – each pair uses eco-friendly materials. Cool: all styles come with repairable soles.

    Website: bhavastudio.com
    Instagram: @bhavastudio


    The vegan sneakers brand from Prague believes in hemp. Why? Because the natural fiber requires 50% less water and 95% fewer agrochemicals to grow than cotton. It is also antimicrobial and antiseptic, which keeps your feet and skin fresh. For these reasons, their iconic Bohempia sneakers are entirely made from hemp (and gum rubber for the soles). Super comfy, super stylish and super PETA-approved. Produced in the Czech Republic. For conscious men and women.

    Website: bohempia.eu
    Instagram: @bohempia_official


    Organic, vegan and bonito: Maria and her four-legged friend Ringo founded the vegan footwear label out of love for nature, animals, and people. Slowers offers cork wedge sandals (we love them!), espadrilles and many more shoes for women and men. They produce ethically and don’t use any animal materials (PETA-approved). Instead of leather, Slowers uses GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, hemp, natural cork, and other natural materials.

    Website: slowers-shoes.com
    Instagram: @slowers_shoes