For nearly a decade, Abel has been on a quest to create the world’s best natural perfume. Pushing at the boundaries of art, ethics and natural science. This forward-thinking fragrance house was born in Amsterdam and now calls Wellington home. You can find them in a thoughtful edit of the world’s top stores, in more than 30 countries. Abel’s Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair uses the latest in renewable ingredients alongside the best in heritage naturals. The Abel team relentlessly innovates with fragrance development, packaging and processes to challenge industry norms and provide biodegradable, environmentally friendly fragrance alternatives.


ADDITION is a sustainable apparel brand offering essential, high-quality products for powerful, independent & conscious people. Founded in 2020 by us, glore Karoviertel – a concept store for sustainable fashion, ADDITION grew from our goal of completing our product range and of expressing ourselves through cuts, colours and patterns. Our aim is to work together, to cooperate and to share skills. Because together, we are the best team. ADDITION is a plus for our selection, a plus for your life. So now it is your turn, add sustainable apparel to your wardrobe – ADD SOMETHING BETTER!


Sustainable lifestyle brand Aiayu offers building blocks to a conscious home and wardrobe, with an emphasis on natural materials known for their quality and durability. Aiayu redefines luxury by merging nature’s most beautiful materials with exceptional craftsmanship and simple Scandinavian design. Aiayu was founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of an object’s integrity and follows the philosophy that how an item is made is as important as its aesthetic – actively working to reduce their environmental impact and ensure that each person involved in making their products is paid fairly and treated with respect.


The story of Aizome began in Tokyo, where Misa and Michel met and fell in love. After Michel’s mother was diagnosed with cancer, her skin became extremely sensitive. When they found out that her bedding was the source of her irritation, Michel was driven to find a solution. In Japan Misa and Michel learned about the benefits of plant-based dyeing in the ancient tradition Indigo dyeing, known as aizome. Together with a team of scientists, they developed an innovative method to unlock the benefits of plant-based dyeing for home textiles and founded Aizome, a sustainable and healthy solution for you.


Designed in Berlin. Manufactured with care. Anekdot transform exceptional surplus materials into zero-waste lingerie, swimwear and loungewear. A fusion between exquisite nostalgia and sleek comfort for a modern lifestyle. Intimates that wrap your body, revealing and concealing its natural curve. Made from fabrics specially selected for their exclusive touch, Anekdot stimulate the desire to become the best version of yourself. Challenging the industry standard of mass production, each piece is dreamed up with social and environmental purpose. The production takes place in Berlin and Poland; ensuring fair wages, supporting local talent and female makers while dramatically reducing the carbon footprint.


Welcome to a multicolored world of fair fashion handmade in Peru! ANNAMRIAANGELIKA’s premium knitwear is characterized by the confluence of sustainability, lifestyle and design, while playfully creating a unique link between tradition and modernity. The brand is passionately dedicated to the slow fashion philosophy.
What we do is not about quantity, but about quality, longevity and attention to detail. We select the finest materials, so you can enjoy them for years to come. We grant our skilled knitters in Peru good working conditions and the necessary time to produce fashion of exceptional quality. No rush, no chasing of short-lived trends.


Dawn strives to empower people to change the way clothes are made, sold and worn. Making your butt look good in jeans is a welcomed side-effect. Our headquarter and creative studio is in Berlin, Kreuzberg, where we design new collections, create concepts, take care of our customers and welcome our community. But Saigon is our home, too. It is not only where our very own production is situated. There, we are also hosting our sampling atelier, the pattern- and quality team as well as the playground of materials and accessories for new collections to come.


FOLKDAYS is a Berlin-based brand for contemporary fair trade design and fashion, founded by Lisa Jaspers in 2013. We offer craft products (jewellery, accessories, interior products and garments) from around the world that combine high quality with a strong contemporary design. For the products we collaborate with independent artisans, small family businesses, and local fair trade organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America. With a focus on the use of natural materials, all of these products are handmade and fair trade. Each piece is truly one of a kind and destined for ‘forever favourite’ status in your home or wardrobe.


HERO is an Australian brand that stands for respect for others and the environment and advocates for sexual and reproductive health rights, diverse gender identities, empowerment with a strong purpose and passion for supporting communities in need. HERO manufactures dermatologist-tested, paraben-free and vegan condoms and disclosures transparent information about its ethical manufacturing standards and environmentally friendly sourcing of natural latex. HERO also offers natural lube, which you can use with the vegan latex condoms.


Katharine started assessing her brand’s practices and sustainability in 1989, long before “eco”, “green” and “conscious” were fashion buzzwords. She commissioned a study into the social and environmental impact of fashion, “thinking we weren’t going to find anything wrong”, she recalls. “Of course, we found everything wrong: thousands of deaths from accidental poisoning in the cotton industry; people working in conditions worse than slavery; every single fibre and process was having a negative impact – of course the carbon emissions are colossal.”


Knickey is an organic cotton underwear brand, offering the best-fitting basics for every body. Committed to protecting both the planet and its people, all Knickey products are GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fair Trade certified. Plus, Knickey offers the world’s first intimates Recycling Program, which allows you to recycle your old undies safely into secondary uses, Knickey or not. Making organic the daily default through elevated, ethical and affordable intimates, Knickey enables everyone to consciously convert their top drawer – without compromise.


Better Planet, Better You! Lando activewear collection is designed for an active daily life. All our products are made with sustainable materials such as high quality organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and certified recycled fabrics. In order to heal our environment and ourselves we need to be more connected with the nature. Lando hangtags are made with biodegradable plantable eco-paper embedded with basil seeds. When you plant your tags in a pot soil, the tag will grow into basil. We hope it will inspire you to minimize your waste and have more green in your life.


It all began in 1999 with an idea: making high quality fashion under fair conditions, creating something beautiful and feeling good about it. Under the lead of founder Claudia Lanius and her daughter Annabelle Homann LANIUS still pursues this vision today and combines sustainable materials with long lasting, sophisticated design – 100% climate neutralized and designed in Cologne.


“When I started Luna & Rose, one of my only goals was to be as transparent as possible. Oh, and making sure our pieces were made with the planet first and foremost beautiful jewellery made from recycled silver and everyday linen staples dyed organically from plants. So many companies tout transparency but only offer flashy headlines instead of actual, real-life substance. From the very beginning, I have chosen every part of the Luna & Rose process, from our raw materials to our facilities to our partners, artisans and everyone and everything in between. Come and check us out” Rosie Shelton, CEO.


Maren Jewellery stands for sustainable and lovingly designed luxury jewellery and is one of the top 10 sustainable jewellery labels according to Vogue. Every piece of jewellery tells a story. Our story is about love for people and nature, timeless, minimalist design, passion for craftsmanship and sustainability. Maren Jewellery is: a mindful love. Awarded the German Design as well as the Green Product Award 2022 and the first certified B Corp jewellery brand in Germany.


MIGHTY GOOD BASICS is a sustainable fashion brand based in Sydney, Australia. M/G BASICS offers a wide range of comfortable organic underwear basics for men and women. Sustainability and fair trade are the core values of M/G which run through their entire supply chain. The production is fair trade certified and the organic cotton is certified according to the GOTS standard. You will find many more transparent details about the manufacturing and material sourcing on their website.


NUORI is the first natural beauty brand that truly performs. We develop all-natural skincare that is at the forefront of bio-active ingredient innovation and delivers visible results.
NUORI’s vision has always been to eliminate the need to choose between all-natural formulas and results. NUORI products contain only natural ingredients with clinically proven benefits and absolutely no synthetic or toxic additives. We are the only beauty brand to utilize the science of freshly blended formulas. That’s why the world’s top international spas and skincare therapists prefer NUORI.


At The Slow Label, we are guided by our values in every decision we make. We source sustainable materials, work with ethical suppliers and advocate for a more conscious consumerism. Our aim is to slow down the fast-paced fashion industry by approaching things with an honest and improvement-oriented mindset. Our capsule collections consist of garments that are timeless and versatile — two key factors in making clothing more sustainable and creating long-lasting positive change. Getting dressed is a daily ritual — buying clothes shouldn’t be. We encourage you to continuously make conscious choices and cherish what you already have.


Woron is a Copenhagen based collaboration between two sisters – Arina and Anya Woron. They have a passion for life in the slow lane and both share an enthusiasm for sustainable underwear and everyday essentials. Their products are represented all over the world in selected stores, that share their desire to make woman’s identity flourish along with a love for our planet. No toxic chemicals. No toxic dyes. No chafing. No metal pokes. No style? No Way! The basic underwear you love without the junk you don’t.


Zoca Lotion is a sunscreen and skincare company based in California and New York. The goal of the brand is to create effective quality sunscreens and skincare that are safe for our environment, and nourishing for skin. Zoca Lotion is dedicated to making plant-based products using organic cold-pressed, nutrient-rich ingredients. The only sunscreen active they use is non-nanoparticle zinc oxide. Zoca Lotion does its best to protect our oceans from chemical and physical pollutants and is always working to find the most environmentally-responsible packaging available. They strive to keep their products accessible while never compromising quality.


Laura Estrada Jewelry is a latinx-owned jewelry brand founded in 2018 by designer Laura Estrada, and based in Los Angeles. Functioning as a multifaceted creative studio, she handcrafts sustainably made jewelry collections + creates custom, conceptually driven, sculptural adornment for the body. Combining ancient metalsmithing methods with an innovative design sensibility, she seeks to create meaningful and timeless wearable art heirlooms.

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