What Are The Negative Effects Of “Greenwashing” In The Fashion Industry?

Number one: Lack of consumer trust!

Why Fast Fashion Is NOT Democratic Fashion

The hardest thing to swallow ‘fast fashion = democracy’.

Is Fast Fashion Racist?

Yes, fast fashion is racist!

The New Plastics Economy May Be A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Opinion by Céline Semaan Vernon.

Zara Has The Technology To Be Transparent

Why aren’t they using this power for change?

Let’s Talk About Fashion Revolution! Q&A With Co-Founder Carry Somers

Female Expert Talk Series 1/7.

Let’s Talk About The Benefits Of LOCAL PRODUCTION

Roll your shirt up.

made in los angeles
Let’s Talk About Made In L.A. And The Shocking Conditions For Garment Workers

Yes, you can also find bad working conditions in the city of angels.

A Critical Review On ZARA´s And TOPSHOP´s Arrival In The Sustainable Fashion World

Zara & Topshop know sustainability? Let’s have a look.

Cambodia Economy Garment Factory - Jun 2013
The Fashion industry Affects More Than The Environment!

Let’s take a look at some impacts.

Why I Never Ever Buy Angora Products


Why I Love GOTS Certified Organic Products

Play it safe.

Slow vs. Fast: 3 Facts Why I Love Slow Fashion

Slow Fashion Builds A Community….

sustainable fashion
When Is Fashion Sustainable Fashion And When Not?

Let’s go over a few points.

Sustainable Fashion Is The Future


My Thoughts On “Why Greenwashing in A World Of Fast Fashion?”

What do you think?

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