Titanium Dioxide – What Consumers Should Know

Titanium Dioxide is officially banned as a food additive in the EU.

Why Deep Sleep Is So Important For Us

🌙 What exactly happens when we fall in Morpheus’s arms?

7 Simple Tips For Better Sleep

Catching some deep zzzz’s 😴.

9 Conscious Brands With Non-Toxic & Organic Bed Linen And Sheets

For a healthy sleep with colorful options.

17 Trusted Brands With Natural Supplements, Herbal Remedies & Adaptogens

A guide for your holistic choice.

Interview With Australian Supermodel Elle Macpherson

“On my mother´s advice, I drink 3 litres of water every day”

The Deep Tissue Massage In New York City

Relaxation for body and mind.

bodyism london notting hill sports club
Interview With Bodyism And Clean & Lean Founder James Duigan

Let’s learn what our mind and body needs.

5 Ayurvedic Practices You Can Do Everyday

Easy to integrate into your daily life.

How Do We Achieve Overall Well-Being?

Q. and A. with certified nutrition expert Liora Bels.

Ashwaganda! What is The Deal With This Supplement?

The holistic stress relief?

Psycle London: The Fun Way to Fitness Without Leaving Your Seat

In studio and online.

staub green soup recipe
Nourishing Vibrant Alkaline Green Soup – Recipe by Liora Bels

Only good ingredients.

energy bites natural ingredient
5-Ingredients Energy Bites: Vegan, Raw, Natural, Delicious

Get the energy.

What To Look For When Buying Healthy Eco Bed Linen

For your non-toxic and private place.

Manuka Honey: The Healthy Eco Honey From New Zealand

Honey, I love you.

Toxic Fabrics: Are We Ignoring The Largest Organ In Our Body?

Do you know, which organ it is?

You Are What You Eat (And Drink)

The question is, what do you eat during the day?

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