During the chilly autumn season, the wind is blowing its way through your clothes. – Yeah, we feel it too. The cold has arrived in Northern Germany, where we are based. And we want to wrap ourselves inside a huge, cozy blanket! The good news: we discovered chic and warm blankets by ethical knitwear brand Aessai. You can actually wear these blankets and look super fashionable by doing so. Scroll further to see the different styles and to learn more about the British brand Aessai.

Lucilla Blanket (£220.00) Image: Aessai

Cozy, Warm, And Pretty

The London-based ethical knitwear brand Aessai made headlines as “the coziest blanket brand” in the Vogue UK last year. For good reason, because once you put on their divinely soft blankets, odds are you won’t take them off the entire fall/winter season. Predominantly made from merino wool, they will also keep you warm all day. And they look fabulous in doing so.

3 Pieces We Love

Just throw the Lucilla Blanket over your shoulders or drape it around your body and you are ready to go. Simple as that. Instead of a winter scarf and a big jumper, wear the Rosa Blanket around your neck and shoulders, pair it with jeans, leggings, or a skirt – voilà! Another Aessai’s must-have is the boho-chic Condor Wrap in a black and white checked pattern. Whether with a coffee-to-go (bring your keep cup) when hitting the road in NYC or in front of a fireplace in a country house, this piece is a true fashion statement. Besides their stylish blankets and ponchos, Aessai also offers lightweight capes, colorful scarves, and bags with abstract patterns that are perfect for your resort holiday.

Left: Rosa Blanket (£395.00) Image: Aessai

Ethically Made By Hand

All Aessai items are ethically handcrafted by a fair trade collective called Manos del Uruguay. This well-known NGO gives artisan women from remote rural areas in Uruguay the opportunity to become financially independent by producing beautiful luxury knitwear. They use mainly merino wool or cotton and blend them with other fabrics such as silk, linen, or viscose.

Help Restore The Amazon

For their many kinds of bags, Aessai only uses one material: Chaguar. The plant fiber is traditionally used by the Wichí indigenous people in South America. The women of the Wichí community gather Chaguar, then spin it, naturally dye it and knit it by hand into beautiful bags. Due to deforestation and cattle herding, however, this fiber is at risk to disappear. Aessai supports the Wichí community who helps restore the ecological balance in the Amazon Chaco forest. Have a look at Aessai’s bag collection.

Once Upon A Blanket

Aessai founder and creative director Rebecca Kramer comes from a remote region in Argentina. Her fashion career as a model brought her first to Paris and then to London but it was a trip to Los Angeles that would change everything. In a hotel, she discovered a beautiful hand-knitted blanket from Manos del Uruguay that sparked memories of her wearing the same pieces over her swimsuit or during chilly nights back home. Inspired by these memories, her South American roots, and the wish to support cooperatives of women in Uruguay, she created the luxury knitwear label Aessai. See all their collections.

Images: Aessai

Advertorial, Text: Mia Windisch-Graetz