In partnership with the City of Antwerp

11:00 Arrival At Hotel Pilar

hotel pilar
Hotel pilar bathroom
hotel antwerp
hotel pilar antwerp desk

12:00 Picking Up Superfood Snacks At JUSJUS

12:30 Walking Around The District

antwerp belgium
antwerp streets
antwerp architecture
antwerp park

14:00 Lunch At Hümm


15:00 City Bike Tour

Velo City Bicycles
Velo City Bicycles

16:00 Coffee At Fosbury & Sons

17:00 Hotel Pilar Shop

19:00 Shared Dinner At Pilar Food Bar

10:00 Breakfast at Hotel Pilar

11:00 Sustainable Shopping Tour With Bie Noé

The B.Right tour with Bie Noé starts with an inspiration session. You meet designers and makers, explore innovative concepts and exchange with founders of beautiful stores. Then you explore the local scene where passion is key. A half-day package costs €35 and includes an inspiration session, drinks and sweets, discount vouchers, and a shopping checklist. Tours in Antwerp take place on the first weekend of the month (except January = 18/01).

Instagram: @b.rightantwerp

bie antwerp


ln knits store
ln knits
ln knits
ln knits alpaca knit
ln knits

Anna Rosa Moschouti Jewelry

Supergoods Store

Book Store

Odhelie Lingerie

14:00 Shared Organic Lunch at Native

17:00 Sunset Walk Along The River

antwerp harbour