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Copenhagen, Denmark


Marie Glæsel


Brand Story

Sustainable lifestyle brand Aiayu offers building blocks to a conscious home and wardrobe, with an emphasis on natural materials known for their quality and durability. Aiayu redefines luxury by merging nature’s most beautiful materials with exceptional craftsmanship and simple Scandinavian design. Aiayu was founded on the principle that true beauty is a reflection of an object’s integrity and follows the philosophy that how an item is made is as important as its aesthetic – actively working to reduce their environmental impact and ensure that each person involved in making their products is paid fairly and treated with respect.

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Brand Transparency

Who answered our brand transparency questions?

Marie Glæsel – CEO at Aiayu.

Fair Trade


How do you ensure "Fair Trade" manufacturing? If your manufacturing or the manufacturing company you work with is certified, please list these certifications.

Establish long term relationships with our suppliers, based on shared values and mutual understandings. We have worked with some of our suppliers for over 15 years, and through these relationships we have helped them become the most socially responsible suppliers that they can be. To supplement this, we take certifications very seriously, - we don't see them as a replacement for the relationship we have with our suppliers, but we find them very important. Our certifications are: SA8000, BSCI, WRAP, GOTS.

Social Justice


How do you ensure "Social Justice" with your internal and external corporate environment?

We are a women owned company, and almost all of our employees are women. We try to produce the entirety of a product closest possible to the origin of the raw material. This keeps the ownership, development opportunities and value of these materials in the communities they come from.

Organic Material


Which "Organic Material" do you work with? What makes this material sustainable? And what makes it better compared to conventional material?

We prefer to work with materials that are less used in the fashion industry - this means that we can support small family farmers and traditional herders. Because these material are not made on an industrial scale they have less negative impact on the environment. These materials are: Llama, Yak, Sartuul wool. We also use a few popular materials, when we work with these we make sure to source them according to the most rigorous sustainability criteria. For instance we make sure our cotton is 100% organic, GOTS certified and rain fed.

Zero Waste


Which processes in your supply chain are "Zero "Waste"?

For all of our cotton production, we have a zero rate initiative where we use all left over scraps to make essential items for our business, like totebags, hangtags, ribbons etc. We save 2000kg of organic cotton waste annually, coming from our own production as well as other brands. We always look for new ways to reduce our waste, this season we have introduced gift wrapping in left over cotton in stead of single use wrapping paper.

Cultural Support

How do you "culturally support" local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

From the beginning Aiayu has been about sustaining cultures of craftsmanship and the use of traditional materials in our origin countries. We often have begun producing in countries through NGO and development programs which seek to create better livelihood for artisan communities through investments in local manufacturing and material production.

Eco Packaging

You have indicated to use "Eco Packaging". What makes your packaging more sustainable than conventional packaging.

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