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Berlin, Germany


Lisa Jaspers

Small Business, Woman-Led

Brand Story

FOLKDAYS is a Berlin-based brand for contemporary fair trade design and fashion, founded by Lisa Jaspers in 2013. We offer craft products (jewellery, accessories, interior products and garments) from around the world that combine high quality with a strong contemporary design. For the products we collaborate with independent artisans, small family businesses, and local fair trade organisations from Africa, Asia and Latin America. With a focus on the use of natural materials, all of these products are handmade and fair trade. Each piece is truly one of a kind and destined for ‘forever favourite’ status in your home or wardrobe.

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Brand Transparency

Who answered our brand transparency questions?

Teresa Köster – Marketing Manager at FOLKDAYS GbR.

Fair Trade


How do you ensure "Fair Trade" manufacturing?

Our partners are hand-picked for the quality of their craft as well as alignment with the values of a social business. We work with many women-run businesses, indigenous people and a variety of social businesses in places like India, Cambodia or Peru. Many of them are also WFTO members. We purchase the products directly from our partners at prices determined by the creators themselves. This ensures that prices are not subjected to wage dumping or external financial pressure. Visit our website to learn more about our partners and how we work together.

Social Justice


How do you ensure "Social Justice" with your internal and external corporate environment?

We partner exclusively with producers and companies that are committed to the values of social entrepreneurship. Made in Bangladesh or Made in Ethiopia does not stand for below-minimum wages and exploitation. We provide additional fair income and self-determined, flexible, part-time work to subsistence farmers, mothers, and people in remote communities.

Organic Material


Which "Organic Material" do you work with? What makes this material sustainable? And what makes it better compared to conventional material?

The products are made from natural, local materials such as cotton, wool, leather, jute, sea grass and jungle vine. The materials for a product thus come from the close surroundings of the artisans who make them, aiming to minimise the impact on the environment.



You stated that at least 50% of your total product range is"Handcrafted". Please briefly explain how your handcrafted manufacturing process works.

All products available at FOLKDAYS are made by artisans by hand or, in some cases, with the help of hand tools such as needle and thread, loom or other traditional hand tools.

Zero Waste


Which processes in your supply chain are "Zero "Waste"?

At FOLKDAYS, we aim to minimise the impact on the environment. All the products we offer are handmade by artisans in small workshops or from their homes. For the manufacturing process, natural, local materials are used and if a product comes with a pattern, it is printed or embroidered by hand. We also try to offer pre-orders (i.e. made-to-order) as often as possible.

Cultural Support

How do you "culturally support" local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

At the heart of FOLKDAYS is the preservation and appreciation of handicrafts. The artisans we work with are the experts in their fields. Therefore, FOLKDAYS takes a collaborative, strength-based design approach which combines the knowledge and expertise of all participants within the framework of co-creation processes.

Eco Packaging

You have indicated to use "Eco Packaging". What makes your packaging more sustainable than conventional packaging.

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