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Laura Estrada Jewelry

Los Angeles, USA


Laura Estrada

BIPOC-Led, Small Business, Woman-Led

Brand Story

Laura Estrada Jewelry is a latinx-owned jewelry brand founded in 2018 by designer Laura Estrada, and based in Los Angeles. Functioning as a multifaceted creative studio, she handcrafts sustainably made jewelry collections + creates custom, conceptually driven, sculptural adornment for the body. Combining ancient metalsmithing methods with an innovative design sensibility, she seeks to create meaningful and timeless wearable art heirlooms.

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Brand Transparency

Who answered our brand transparency questions?

Laura Estrada – CEO at Laura Estrada Jewelry.

Fair Trade


How do you ensure "Fair Trade" manufacturing? If your manufacturing or the manufacturing company you work with is certified, please list these certifications.

All Laura Estrada Jewelry pieces are created by hand in her studio with recycled metals and locally sourced materials when possible.

Social Justice


How do you ensure "Social Justice" with your internal and external corporate environment?

With every launch of a new Laura Estrada collection, a percentage is donated to a social justice initiative that promotes racial equality and equal opportunities for every individual. Self-education, reflection, outreach, and discussion with others is also key to continued growth and community support.

Recycled Material


Which "Recycled Material" do you work with? What makes this material sustainable? And what makes it better compared to conventional material?

As often as possible, Estrada works with recycled and reclaimed metal in her pieces to create a reduced waste production process. This includes everything from thrifted brass hardware, steel scrap from metal yards, to previous jewelry projects repurposed into new creations.

Local Production


Where and why are your products manufactured "locally"?

All work by Laura Estrada Jewelry is created by hand in her Los Angeles studio. She works closely with local vendors and material suppliers in DTLA to reduce shipping and manufacturing costs and to support her local economy.



You stated that at least 50% of your total product range is"Handcrafted". Please briefly explain how your handcrafted manufacturing process works.

Each piece of Laura Estrada Jewelry is handcrafted from raw or repurposed materials using traditional metalsmithing methods. She begins with the material in wire and sheet metal form, manipulating it by hand, with tools, and fire to create timeless and meticulously crafted pieces.

Zero Waste


Which processes in your supply chain are "Zero "Waste"?

Laura Estrada's jewelry collections are made to order because it cuts down on material waste, excess inventory, and promotes efficiency for her small business. It also nurtures the ideology of slow fashion and bolsters a sense of value in the craftsmanship and love put into handmade work.

Give Back

Charity Social Integration

What organization do you donate to? Why is it important for your brand to "Give Back"?

This brand would not exist without the supportive creative community in which Estrada is a part of. As others show their support, it is her responsibility and desire to give back to our community and to those that need it most. Recent support: Black Lives Matter and the Loveland Foundation.

Eco Packaging

You have indicated to use "Eco Packaging". What makes your packaging more sustainable than conventional packaging.

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