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Deacor Inc.

Toronto, Canada


Teresa Perna & Giovanni Perna

Small Business, Woman-Led

Brand Story

We are a values and philanthropic driven enterprise that uses our MAYD IN CHYNA brand name to ironically redefine the meaning and production concepts normally associated with the words “made in china”. Our Brand is not just a fashion statement; it is a vehicle for political and societal change for the good of all. We manufacture our own unique fabrics and design apparel that is not only certified organic and sustainable but is 100% vegan, circular, and sourced entirely in the USA using production methods that are either GOTS/EOKO-TEX/BLUE SIGN certified and/or strictly adhere.

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Brand Transparency

Who answered our brand transparency questions?

Teresa Perna – Co Founder & Designer at Mayd In Chyna

Fair Trade


How do you ensure "Fair Trade" manufacturing?

Our Fabrics and our pieces are 100% sourced and manufactured in the USA under recognized and established employment standards protocol which includes working conditions and choosing to do our manufacturing in a developed country such as the USA, we can count on employment standard laws that best protect working people by offering decent work and wages, good working conditions, freedom to form unions, limited working hours and employee benefits. It also ensures that all on our the supply chain are paid fair and living wages which translates into reducing and/or eliminating poverty, hunger and food insecurity.

Social Justice


How do you ensure "Social Justice" with your internal and external corporate environment?

Our Brand’s social focus dictates that we make very specific business choices. Through these choices, we support sustainable and healthy economic growth for our suppliers and for all businesses with a social justice ethos Through our choices we guarantee premium prices that are shared by all, from farmers to sewers.

Organic Material


Which "Organic Material" do you work with? What makes this material sustainable? And what makes it better compared to conventional material?

All our pieces are made from: 1) 100% USDA certified organic pima cotton and upland cotton and 2) OCIA (US & Canada) certified organic naturally colored cotton. Our processes are as sustainable and toxic free as we could possibly get them at this time. To validate this claim to our customers, we have sought out and personally verified that each of our suppliers are USA based and are either GOTS certified, Oeko-Tex certified or Blue Sign certified and/or practice manufacturing methods that adhere to these standards. All resources, including water, energy and soil are strictly monitored and efficiently utilized.

Local Production


Where and why are your products manufactured "locally"?

All our fabrics are manufactured in one fibreshed, the southeastern United States, in particular, North and South Carolina and Georgia. Our pieces are sewn in New York City.

Zero Waste


Which processes in your supply chain are "Zero Waste"?

Our pieces are circular fashion. They are made from one ingredient and one ingredient only: 100% certified organic cotton. Additionally, they are made without any chemical or toxic inputs whatsoever. This allows for ease in recycling and repurposing of our pieces into new products. We are currently in the process of collaborating with Circular Fashion project in Berlin, Germany.



How can you ensure that at least 50% of your total product range is "Vegan"?

Give Back

Charity Social Integration

What organization do you donate to? Why is it important for your brand to "Give Back"?

We donate to PETA USA and in fact are in collaboration with them through their Business Partners and project (pls see logo on our website). As our sales increase we will continue to partner with other worthy animal sanctuaries.

Cultural Support

How do you "culturally support" local traditions and communities, democratic politics and education, especially in the countries where your brand operates?

By sourcing and manufacturing in the USA, we fully support the cotton and fibre industries there and the democratic processes that go with it. Through our use of organic cotton without any chemical inputs we are helping to bring back the textile manufacturing industry from overseas to the USA.

Eco Packaging

You have indicated to use "Eco Packaging". What makes your packaging more sustainable than conventional packaging.

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