Brand Name


Company Size

Micro Business


Sofia, Bulgaria




Skin Care, Women’s



Date of Issue

August 2, 2022

Brand Story

Mazillo is a female-owned natural skincare brand on a mission to revive, elevate and share local skincare wisdom with the rest of the world. Inspired by ancient skincare traditions, we’ve developed a simple yet effective 5-step skincare routine that truly has passed the test of time. The name speaks for itself: “Mazillo” – an ointment good for your skin – it is as simple as that. Just under 90% of our formulas contain local ingredients, some of which are exclusive to the region and we’ve taken these beloved botanicals to the next level by embracing modern skincare science.

— Mihaela Donska, Co-Founder & CEO

“We directly work with multiple local farmers and suppliers to carefully select the most sustainable and highest quality ingredients for our products.”

Mihaela Donska, Co-Founder & CEO


We have awarded the TRUSTED BRAND ID™. This means that the CEO has transparently stated which TRUSTED! BRAND ID™ CRITERIA the brand meets and has successfully passed our review process.

Transparency and Values

Human rights


Good Working conditions

We directly work with multiple local farmers and suppliers to carefully select the most sustainable and highest quality ingredients for our products as well as ensure that everyone across our supply chain complies with the good working conditions practices as well as with local health & safety regulations. In addition, we manufacture our products in our own small manufacturing facility where we strictly ensure that we provide fair wages, workers rights and safety measures.


Social Justice

We work in a very collaborative environment and everyone who shares our values and ethos could become part of our team. We ensure that we provide a happy working environment where every idea is treated to be of equal importance to our brand.

Animal Welfare



We believe we can create amazing skincare products using natural plant-derived ingredients only! All Mazillo products are vegan and registered with the Vegan Society. You will also spot the Vegan Society logo across our selection of products.



All of our skincare products are approved under the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny programme. A global programme, Leaping Bunny requires cruelty free standards over and above legal requirements. We adhere to a fixed cut-off date policy and proactively monitor our suppliers to ensure all products meet the criteria.


Charity Social Integration

Give Back

We have a deep respect for our older generations who are also the reason why Mazillo exists. We are proud to be donating 1% of our proceeds to Calm Life Foundation Bulgaria which supports vulnerable elderly people in Bulgaria by providing care in the comfort of their own home.

Materials / Ingredients

No product in the entire product range must fall under the LIST OF PROHIBITIONS. 100% of the total product range must meet at least one of the  materials/ingredients criteria: CERTIFIED ORGANIC PRODUCT, MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC MATERIAL, NATURAL, MADE WITH SUSTAINABLE RAW MATERIAL, RECYCLED, UPCYCLED, SCIENCE-BASED, SUSTAINABLE BLEND, ECO PATCHWORK.

DEZ Eco Material 21_2


We at Mazillo strongly believe in the philosophy that we should look back at our ancestors ancient practices so that we can shape a more healthy, sustainable and natural way of living. That is the inspiration behind our beautiful skincare products which contain solely natural ingredients. We are prioritizing the quality of the ingredients we use in our skincare products, and we are not adhering strictly to an organic ingredients only policy. Some of our ingredients cannot be grown organic or their quality cannot be guaranteed between different batches. That is why, our products contain both organic and non-organic ingredients.

Made with sustainable raw material

Sustainability is central to our mission that’s why we are hand-picking every ingredient we use in our products through working closely with small local suppliers. This means that we know how each and every ingredient is grown, how it’s harvested, how much water and electricity is used for its production as well as how it’s processed. We’re also using lots of upcycled ingredients in our products to ensure nothing goes to waste.



We embrace upcycled ingredients and partner up with responsible local suppliers that utilize raw materials such as discarded fruit seeds from the food industry and turn them into powerful cosmetic ingredients. For instance, the seeds are collected from the food, juice, and jam manufacturing industries. They are cleaned, dried, and then pressed for oil. This ensures nothing goes to waste. Some examples of such ingredients we use are tomato seed oil, blackberry seed oil, plum kernel oil, raspberry seed oil, grape seed oil.

DEZ Renewable energy21_22


For instance, the plant stem cells we use in our products are produced through a very innovative and sustainable method. Their creation begins with the initiation of callus culture from selected medicinal plants. They then turn the optimized stem cell biomass into active ingredients by applying a non-extraction processing technology. It is waste-free and preserves the synergy, created by nature. The resulting preparations are active ingredients of powerful and diverse biological activity with amazing skincare benefits.




Just under 90% of our formulations are made with ingredients grown in our and Mazillo’s home country - Bulgaria. We are proud to formulate, source, manufacture and package our final products on our own, in our small manufacturing facility based locally - in Bulgaria.

Production Quantity

Small-scale Production

Product Life / Circularity


Eco Packaging

We have made sure our containers have a second life by carefully selecting bottles and jars which are not painted but are originally manufactured in green to ensure their recyclability. Our secondary packaging is made out of fully recyclable cardboard. We have also eliminated leaflets, bubble wrap and foil. Instead, we are using packing ‘peanuts’ which are made from maize-starch, dissolve in water and are fully biodegradable. All of our orders are hand-packed in small size transportation boxes which are also 100% recyclable. Last but not least, our thank you cards are made out of seed paper.

Why we trust the brand

• Mazillo produces in small batches a product range of only 5 products.
• They source almost all of their ingredients from their home country Bulgaria to support the local farmers there.
• All products are vegan and also approved cruelty-free.

What we love

We tested the product range. We like all the products but we absolutely LOVE the Gentle Cleansing Oil and the Nourishing Face Mask. The cleanser removes all makeup, leaving the skin feeling clean.The mask leaves the skin moisturized, so you don't really need any cream afterwards. But the cream is nice (light) too.

Good To Know

Just under 90% of their formulations are made with ingredients grown locally in Mazillo’s home country Bulgaria.

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