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sober care GmbH

Berlin, Germany


Simon Schier, Philipp Roth

Small Business

Brand Story

Our mission: Look great. Feel great. We do our best every day to work with you to create an even better version of yourself. Our high-performance cosmetic products not only combine the best active ingredients from nature and science, but are carefree clean beauty by eliminating all harmful additives. As a climate-positive cosmetics brand, we deliver climate-neutral and plant a tree with every product sold to enable shopping with a clear conscience. By the way: We only test on friends, not on animals.

Your Conscious Choice.

When you choose our eco brand partner, you help make the world more sustainable.

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Brand Transparency

Who answered our brand transparency questions?

Simon Schier – CEO at sober care GmbH.

Fair Trade


How do you ensure "Fair Trade" manufacturing?

All products are manufactured in selected family-run manufactories in Germany.

Social Justice


How do you ensure "Social Justice" with your internal and external corporate environment?

We prefer to work in teams rather than in deep hierarchies. People from all over the world who share our values are welcome here. We think globally and act locally. We work together in research, product development and design on the diverse tasks we face every day.

Natural Ingredients

DEZ Eco Material 21_2

What makes your "Natural Ingredients" better than conventional ingredients. If your product is natural certified, please list all certifications.

We were the first to recognize that only a few vegetable oils have the potential to remedy fundamental disturbances in cell metabolism and cell growth. Only cellular test systems specially constructed for this purpose show the great potential of the active ingredient oils used in our products. The active ingredients transported by these vegetable oils are a large number of low-molecular substances that efficiently block the programmed death of skin cells. They are powerful antioxidants and normalize cell communication in the skin, which is why we use them significantly in our products as basic care.



How can you ensure that at least 50% of your total product range is "Vegan"?

We proudly carry the PETA "Leaping Bunny" certificate for cosmetics free of animal testing - and always refrain from using animal substances in our products.

Eco Packaging

You have indicated to use "Eco Packaging". What makes your packaging more sustainable than conventional packaging.

We have implemented our shipping not only CO2 but also completely plastic-free. The shipping boxes are made of FSC® certified recycled corrugated cardboard. We use only recyclable materials to secure and cushion our products during shipping. All the paper we use, including packaging, bears the FSC® seal.

Listed: 28 October 2021
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