Editorial Policy

MOCHNI is an ethical and economically sustainable platform in one. MOCHNI strives to be ethical, independent and investigative. MOCHNI is not owned by one big company and no one dictates us what kind of topics should be covered to influence the market. MOCHNI is a privately-held platform that supports an ethical future of consumerism. We are not and never will be a personal blog.

The fact that our platform is focused on ethics and sustainability limits our ability to finance this platform. But without the “economic” side, ethical growth and commitment will unfortunately not work.

We don´t run Google ads because we don’t want a brand on our site that doesn’t fit our ethos, we don’t want too many banner ads in our high-end content because it confuses readability, we don’t want to include affiliate links on our site because we don’t want to create constantly shopping stories to promote over-consumption (also affiliate payments do not reward the enormous effort we put into this platform) and we don´t want to become a drop shipping company or an online shop.

Instead, we want to continue our goal to be an online publication that inspires consumers with editorials, to inform them and to make integrative ethical fashion (brands) popular by reaching a whole new niche audience. How do we do this? Read on. 

What does the content of MOCHNI look like?

MOCHNI stands for the highest content quality. And we are currently working in the following ways:

1. Investigative Articles / Opinion

We develop well-researched articles and opinion articles that sometimes cost several weeks of work and are not paid for. These articles are very important for us and are important to educate consumers and help start discussions and advance the sustainable fashion industry.

2. Ethical Brand Features

We are an online platform that presents a variety of small ethical brands as better alternatives to the fast fashion giants. We invest lots of time in our research and we only feature brands that act truly ethically and are in line with our ethos which is continuously adapted to the development of the sustainable fashion industry.

We are committed to the objective and neutral presentation of brands and products. We do not judge and do not rate brands. We are open to a wide range of different brands on our platform, so we can feature minimalist as well as bold and colorful brands. We want our audience to find everything they want according to their own taste and sustainability preferences.

Text / Images

With our content production agency we produce high-quality content. We always write our 100% original texts ourselves, we select the photos and create collages, and we produce our own photos. Because we are responsible for the content published on our platform. We represent brands in the most appealing way and always use a clearly understandable tone of voice. We do not allow the brands to write their own texts or to tell us how and what we publish.

Paid Content

For brand features or reviews we receive an editorial rate or free experience as part of a review process. This in no way impacts our decision about coverage. All our paid or partly-paid content is clearly marked and all links are set to no-follow, as Google pretends to be. We demand transparency from the brands and we behave transparently towards our readership.

Content Updates

Fashion brands and fashion collections change constantly. Usually, we keep our content live for at least 12 months and we are striving to keep the guides and information up-to-date. Brands listed in our directory must renew the listing after 12 months and we reserve the right to delete them at any time should they no longer correspond to our Ethical Criteria.

How Do We Select Brands?

We receive daily inquiries from small and big brands, ethical and greenwashing. We don’t judge brands by their appearance. We strive with our expertise and experience to distinguish true ethical brands and greenwashing brands. Sometimes it’s quite difficult if they don’t have certificates that something like this is put into our hands. So we ask questions and then trust in the answers and transparency of the respective brand which meets our ethical criteria. In addition, we constantly inform ourselves about sustainable actions and greenwashing within the fashion- and textile industry.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@mochni.com.

Hamburg, Germany – March 1st, 2019.