Sustainable footwear consists of ensuring high quality, which makes the product long-lasting and therefore saves resources in the long run. We have found 11 ethical sandal brands that produce ethical shoes that will accompany us for a long time. These slow fashion brands make wonderful limited collections and just because of that we want to wear our favourite shoes for a very long time. Scroll further to see for yourself.


“LRNCE is a Marrakesh based lifestyle brand focusing on interior decoration and accessories. It was founded in 2013 by Belgian sun chaser Laurence Leenaert, who revises materials’ purpose and spontaneously combines elements to create uniquely designed pieces. By sourcing its production in North Africa, LRNCE captures the essence of craftsmanship and stays close to the creating process of its carefully handmade products.”

Instagram: @lrnce


“The traditional Greek sandal found in the alleys of the islands is a timeless product linked to Greece’s identity. The main idea for KYMA, is preserving this historic concept in a version of higher quality and elegance. Our goal is to offer high-end Greek leather sandals with minimalistic aesthetics, combining the classic with the modern. All sandals are handmade in Greece by expert craftsmen using a range of fine genuine leather. The top is made from natural vegetable-tanned vachetta leather. This type of leather is untreated and darkens with age and sunlight creating a patina. These subtle variations in shading and texture over time add  to the sandals unique identity and beauty. “

Instagram: @kymasandals


“Designed in Los Angeles Made in España. LOQ is derived from the surnames of Keren Longkumer + Valerie Quant. In 2011, the co-founders met while studying footwear design in Los Angeles. They immediately realized their mutual affinity for unconventional forms, proportions, materials and attention to detail. The partners originate from opposite sides of the world, Valerie from Los Angeles and Keren from Nagaland. LOQ fuses California’s relaxed sensibility with the rich colors and textures of India. The duo founded LOQ in 2015. The intention is to redefine classics for the modern-day woman.”

Instagram: @loq

Alasia Lifestyle

Founded on the island of Cyprus in 2012 by independent designer Anastasia Gerali, Alasia Lifestyle is a modern sandal brand inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle and goddess Aphrodite. The high-quality and timeless sandals are made from vegetal leathers sourced from sustainable Italian tanneries, free from harmful chemicals such as chromium and heavy metals. Each pair is ethically and locally handcrafted, made in small batches to avoid excess waste, by skilled Greek artisans. Under the sole, an ode to goddess Aphrodite is embossed, so that every step a woman takes in her Alasia sandals walks in her own divine femininity firmly grounded while her hands can touch the sky.



The good people at Capsule are working to bring back “the art of the handmade”. Traditionally, everything was handmade, before machines and automation was even a twinkle in their inventor’s eye. Over time, these artisan skills are slowly lost. Capsule is rediscovering them and reviving them in a big way. They have sourced skilled artisans from across Africa and Europe to create beautiful, unique pieces that bring life back to these old traditions. Their work helps these artisans make a meaningful living with their craft while bringing awareness to the plight of some of these lost arts. These ethically created, handcrafted pieces are gentle on those who make them, as well as the planet.

Instagram: @capsulebcn


“A concept built from small beginnings, St. Agni is a family orientated business founded in the coastal town of Byron Bay, located in northern New South Wales. St. Agni is a contemporary label, influenced by a love of nostalgia, fine lines, and nonchalance. Our vision is to create timeless pieces, ensuring that less is more and to deliver comfort, quality, and authentic design. We hope to continue to expand our offerings with a refined and minimalistic approach and that you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy creating.”

Instagram: @stagniatudio


Slow production, slow consumption, NYC-based shoe brand Coclico slows down the environmental impact: Coclico designs are timeless, meant to look beautiful season after season. Founder Sandra Canselier comes from a long line of French shoemakers and continues the tradition with Coclico, overseeing the brands handcrafted production in Spain. The modern, clean architectural silhouettes are designed at their headquarters in NYC. Coclico works with natural materials such as wood, cork and natural-tanned leather, seeking the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Instagram: @coclicony


“The founders of Naguisa are the architect Pablo Izquierdo López, and Claudia Pérez Polo, a product designer. Naguisa came to life from traditional espadrilles; highly comfortable jute-sole shoes; and the desire of launching them to a wider public. Our team designs, distributes and takes care of the Naguisa end user. We design for all feet and all ages. Each pair of Naguisa espadrilles is made in Spain and sewed meticulously by hand.  Naguisa is timeless design, naturalness, feminine, craftwork, comfort, quality, know-how, contemporary, honest, gracious, Mediterranean. Naguisa currently counts with stockists in 16 countries throughout Europe, Asia and America. We want our shoes to tell stories of eternal summers. That is why we spend all our time and energy in one single collection per year: our summer collection.”

Instagram: @naguisa_design

About Arianne

“About Arianne is a shoe brand for women 100% made in Spain. We manufacture every pair of shoes in Elche (Alicante) and work at our local studio in Poblenou, Barcelona. By following no trends and respecting local craftsmanship and the environment, we produce comfortable and nice shoes using the best Spanish materials and leathers. Back in 2010 we teamed up to create those shoes we couldn’t find out there. Ariadna is in charge of the product design and Ernest is the art director and brand manager. We share different backgrounds but the same love for fashion and shoes.” Foudners Ariadna Guirado and Ernest Vidal.

Instagram: @aboutarianne


Organic, vegan and bonito: Maria and her four-legged friends Ringo founded the vegan footwear label out of love for nature, animals, and people. Slowers offers cork wedge sandals, espadrilles and many more shoes for women and men. They produce ethically and don’t use any animal materials, hence all Slowers products are 100% leather-free. Instead, they use GOTS-certified organic cotton, linen, hemp, natural cork, and other natural materials. Ringo is one of Maria’s greatest inspirations. He taught her many things such as walking at a slower pace and believing in her heart and intuition.

Instagram: @slowers_shoes

By James

“The perfect blend of modern design, comfort, and classic. Est. in 2015, byJAMES was curated for the simple yet chic and modern woman. She wanders the streets of towns built with cobblestone roads without having to compromise her sense of style. Our leather sandals are handcrafted in Valladolid, Mx. and are made with a timeless design that will transition from a stroll on the beach road to an urban setting with ease. The inspiration comes from the surrounding area using an earth tone pallet which is the essence of our brand. For byJAMES, the beauty lies in the essence of the classic, modern, and simple woman. “

Instagram: @by.james

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