Illustration by Lianne Middeldorp

Facial Acupuncture is one of the natural beauty trends for 2017, but how does it work?

Facial Acupuncture has been around for centuries, however it is only fairly recently the Western world have discovered the benefits of this ancient beauty treatment. Facial Acupuncture, also known as Cosmetic Acupuncture is a non-surgical skin revitalising and natural anti-ageing treatment. It focuses on traditional facial acupuncture points which when needed help the facial muscles to relax and improves the elasticity of the skin. Fine disposable facial acupuncture needles are inserted into the facial acupuncture points and intradermal needles into fine lines and wrinkles. This natural treatment leaves the skin looking radiant and youthful.

How does Facial Acupuncture help improve your skin?

1. Improves the skin tone and texture.
2. Stimulates collagen production which plumps the skin.
3. Increases cell regeneration which fills and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.
4. Increases blood circulation which encourages oxygenation, detox and lymph drainage.
5. Tightens muscles in the face and neck.
6. Improved sleep, energy and digestion.

Clients often report feeling more relaxed, sleep better, feel brighter and happier after acupuncture treatment. The facial acupuncture sessions often also include cupping and jade roller massage with an organic facial oil. Facial Acupuncture can also help with the healing of acne scars on the face. Often other conditions such as headaches, migraines, sleep disorders and stress can also be treated during a session.

How long does it take to see results?

It is important not to expect too much from one session, this is a natural treatment not a surgery or injectable, results vary from client to client and it also depends on the health of your skin prior to starting your Facial Acupuncture sessions. A course of 6 treatments is often prescribed.

Illustration by Lianne Middeldorp.