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How To Tie The Topknot Without Hair Band

How To Tie The Topknot Without Hair Band

Let’s Tie The Knot! …With Hair! Looking for a new way to wear a ponytail? Here’s a fun Hair Knot Tutorial to change up your Hair Style. It is super easy to handle in just 4 Steps!

Step 1:hair-tutorial-simple-knot-step-1-mochni

Part your hair into two sections. The sectioning doesn’t have to be super clean, just make sure you have almost an equal amount of hair on each side.

Step 2:hair-tutorial-simple-knot-mochni

Tie a knot as you would when tying your shoes. Remember to always retain tension in order to keep the hair together.

Step 3:hair-tutorial-double-knot-mochni

Repeat step two and tie a second knot.

Step 4:hair tutorial simple knot step four mochni

Lastly use a pin in order to secure your beautiful hairstyle and you’re finished!


This hairstyle is an all rounder! Wear it to the office, at an elegant evening dinner or even with your girls at a night out 🙂 .

These organic and non toxic hair products are perfect to help you with this look! Use a tiny bit of the Less is More Honeywax to keep little hair from flying and to keep the two sections parted. Less is More Lindengloss Finishing Spray rounds up your whole look and makes it all shiny!

Photographer & Producer: Antonia Böhlke
Hair Stylist: Melissa Komma
Model: Anja Abraham (MD Management)

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