Harriet Emily: “My first encounter of the healing power of sound was during a Gong Bath at the end of a Kundalini Yoga class. I was in Santa Monica celebrating my eighteenth birthday three years ago, where I discovered Kundalini Yoga. It was maybe my second ever yoga class, and I had never heard or seen a Gong before. As we were lying down to relax towards the end of class, after our Kriya (series of postures), a wave of sounds began to fill the room. I could feel vibrations pouring through my body, and my mind drifting away into a hypnotic state. It was a feeling I had never experienced before. I felt as though my body had left the room, even though, physically, I hadn’t moved at all. Things were shifting inside of me. The sounds continued for maybe ten or so minutes, but during the period, you seemed to forget all concept of time at all.

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Harriet Emily, soundhealer in London and L.A.

As the time passed, the sounds of the gong faded into the distance, and we were called to bring our awareness back into our bodies, and finish the class. The process of the experience was deeper than anything I had ever felt before, and connected me even more to the Kundalini practice. It was an experience that became the start of a life-transforming journey.

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Sound healing class by Harriet Emily in London.

In the three years since my first Gong Bath, I’ve trained as both a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Sound Healing Therapist – something I could have never predicted happening back then. The healing and magic that both of these practices have had in my life has been profound, and are far beyond anything I could use words to describe. I have been able to connect two astonishing, ancient tools into a combined healing modality, which not only fulfills my joy and passion, but also my purpose.

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Photo: Teresa Enhiak Nanni

It is still very much the beginning of my journey in both fields, but I am so grateful for the experiences they have created so far, and I am very excited to witness where they will lead me in the future. My work has lead me all over the UK, and on my next journey to California where I will be travelling with my instruments for the next two months.”

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Harriet Emily