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How To Avoid Adult Acne After Coming Off The Pill

How To Avoid Adult Acne After Coming Off The Pill

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how to avoid acne after coming off the pill

Most of us have taken the contraceptive pill at one point of our lives to prevent pregnancy or in order to treat a certain health issue. Today more and more women consciously decide to quit hormonal birth control. Sadly many of them are suddenly confronted not only with hormonal imbalances but also with severe skin troubles. The most common problem: adult acne.

Truth to be told, there is not the one magical skin care product to prevent or immediately cure skin issues. Since skin needs and hormone levels vary from woman to woman and over the time, you have to find the individual solution that suits you right now and adjust it constantly. I furthermore highly recommend not only to focus on external treatments: When you decide to come off the pill, maintaining a healthy rebalancing lifestyle is very important. I recommend a clean nutrient dense diet including foods which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties like dark leafy greens, blueberries, pineapple, turmeric or ginger, just to name a few.

And last but not least, it will eventually take time until your hormone levels naturally rebalance after being controlled by the pill. That being said, there are still several skincare tips that help to prevent adult acne or support your skin to get back on track after coming off the pill. Here are my top 3 natural skincare tips:

Situation 1: Before Coming Off The Pill.

Stick to your mild and natural skin care routine. Since not every woman who comes off the pill will automatically suffer from impurities, it is important that you focus on mild and natural skincare that fits your actual skin properties. I suggest changing over to an all natural skincare without any harming chemical ingredients to every woman. Today we are lucky enough to choose from a big variety of high-quality organic beauty brands. It is also recommended to choose products without harsh ingredients like alcohol or detergents but with components known for their rebalancing and the skin’s health supporting properties from premium organic beauty brands like Pai Skincare or Max and Me, for example. Regular appointments with your cosmetician help to adjust your skincare routine ideally and prompt if the skin’s needs might change.

Situation 2: You Already Have Desperately Tried a Lot of Different Products.

Do not over care. Less is more! Have you already desperately tried a lot of different products which have resulted in even more breakouts? Now it is time for a skincare-detox. As I already said, a common mistake is to think „the more products the bigger the benefit for my skin“, which mostly results in the opposite. In this case, it can be sometimes helpful to start by reducing the skincare routine to a bare minimum and to wean the skin from the excess care first, before establishing an individual routine. Our SOS-go to product with which you never can go wrong: The Soothing Gel by Dr. Alkaitis with aloe vera, vitamin B and C, french lavender, and wild chamomile. It immediately calms the skin but moisturizes as well.

Situation 3. Nothing Helps? You Still Suffer From Spots and Breakouts.

If you still suffer from spots and breakouts: professional help and consistency are keys. I have met many women, who have tried a lot of different and often way to harsh products over the time, constantly changing from one to another, what often results in even more breakouts and in the worst case severe skin issues. To my mind, it is much more worth it to invest the money in regular facials with an experienced cosmetician. The mild skincare-routine elaborated together, should be followed consistently until there is a real need of adjustment. Suffering from acne, I would always prefer mild enzymatic scrubs maybe once a week to mechanic ones, too, because the latter easily cause micro-injuries of the skin and tend to spread bacteria.

Text by Melanie Krawinkel, cosmetician and founder of

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