How are you creating space for yourself every day? Do you have a meditation practice, a morning journaling session, simply sitting for tea or are you still looking for a practice that resonates with you?

Bringing in the smoke of certain plants to cleanse and purify can help us place ourselves in a more calm and present state of mind. The act of taking just one minute to be completely in the present moment can begin or end our day in total stillness.

You might be wondering what these certain plants are and how to sit in this stillness. Many cultures and religions have used sacred smoke made from nature’s beloved plants. This practice is called smudging, you use the smoke of sacred herbs to cleanse our physical space as well as our energetic bodies. There are many different herbs for this practice but I want to introduce you to some that can be easily accessible and how you can introduce them into your daily routine.

White Sage

Considered the ultimate healer, White Sage cleanses all negative energy. It is typically used for cleansing homes and sacred items. It goes beyond being a healer for personal use but can help cleanse our homes. If your home is feeling like it is holding negative energy or needs a deep spiritual cleanse Sage is a perfect herb to burn!

Palo Santo

Similarly to White Sage, Palo Santo is used to cleanse negative energy. Smoke from her can ignite creative energy and is perfect for starting the day! She smells amazing and is a good alternative to scented candles.


The guardian spirit of herbs who chases away the bad spirits, Cedar grounds and protects us. She is often used when first moving into a new home to cleanse any unwanted energies from previous tenants or owners.


Carrying the essence of the divine feminine Sweetgrass helps to call in kindness, honesty and happiness. Traditional found braided the 3 strands represent her love, kindness and honesty. Commonly used for its calming effect and calling in spiritual protection.

Daily Ritual

To start the day choose herbs you feel called to that day and simply light them and let the smoke blow. Moving the smoke around your body being sure to get your palms, bottoms of the feet, the crown and your heart. Hold the smoke at your heart center and say a blessing for you intentions for the day.

To put out herbs push the herbs into a shell or ceramic bowl. They can also be put out in sand. Never put out in water if you plan to continue to use the herbs again.

Adding this quick cleansing ritual to your morning routine can add a little more calmness into the day ahead. This is something I find very beneficial before heading out my front door to face the hectic city of New York. If these cleansing rituals do not resonate with you though, these beautiful herbs can still be a perfect scent to fill a home!

Featured photo: @mikiash