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Clean & Lean / Bodyism Notting Hill. Photo: MOCHNI
bodyism founder
Bodyism Founder James Duigan.

Why do you think a Clean & Lean body is important?

James Duigan: The BODYISM ethos is guided by the simple philosophy, ‘Be Kind To Yourself’. This means taking a moment to listen to what your mind and body need, allowing yourself to make positive changes across the four pillars of health: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep. The perfect body is one that you feel happy and healthy in, and trust me, once you have learnt to be kind to yourself, the perfect body will be yours! *

bodyism studio
Bodyism Studio in Notting Hill, London. Photo: MOCHNI

What motivated you to create a whole lifestyle plan rather than simply supplements, workout regimes or books?

James Duigan: The BODYISM philosophy is based on the four pillars of health: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Sleep. It’s so important to find balance across all four pillars – when we make positive changes to each pillar, our overall sense of wellness will transform. These four pillars encourage you to ‘Be Kind to Yourself’, a life mantra that I advocate to all clients, staff and friends & family.

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Granola by Clean & Lean. Photo: MOCHNI

How are the classes and supplements developed?

James Duigan: We put an incredible amount of research and thought into everything we do. All our supplements include organic ingredients wherever possible, are packed with protein, vitamins, herbs and minerals and nourish your body from the inside out. Many are also vegan friendly! We work with leading experts to develop supplements that really work. For a busy person living a modern lifestyle, daily supplements are essential and ensure your body is receiving all the nutrients it needs.

paleo lunch in london notting hill
Paleo Lunch at Clean & Lean Notting Hill. Photo: MOCHNI

Movement is medicine, not just for the body but for the mind too. Our Personal Training and Classes are developed to do just that –  to get you moving! At BODYISM we love interval training, that’s why we created the Blueprint Class. Intervals are more fun than running flat out on a treadmill, are time efficient and induce EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). It’s also simple, using your body weight to increase intensity. We also offer singature Yoga and Pilates classes which are an amazing way to build your balance, strength and also allow help you to feel refreshed, mindful and re-energized.

yoga studio notting hill london bodyism
Yoga studio at Bodyism. Photo: Bodyism.

Which supplement would you recommend the most?

James Duigan: The supermodel’s secret weapon…Body Brilliance! Brimming with super greens, energising herbs, fruit and vegetables. Body Brilliance helps stabilise blood sugar levels and avoid sugar cravings. It also tastes like chocolate but is as healthy as a salad – the dream combination!

smoothies at bodyism
Smoothies at Clean & Lean Notting Hill. Photo: MOCHNI

Are there any exciting new products that will enhance a healthy lifestyle?

James Duigan: The conversation around gut health is only going to get more sophisticated. Taking a probiotic is an amazing way of improving your gut health immediately. We’ve just launched a powerful Ultra Probiotic, our latest innovation formulated on a fermented organic greens base. Better yet, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated making it easy and convenient to work into your lifestyle.

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Pealo Superfood Bites at Clean & Lean Notting Hill. Photo: MOCHNI
clean and lean paleo resturant london notting hill

How do you believe that a truly healthy lifestyle can be achieved?

James Duigan: Learn new rituals and create a routine that encompass a balance across Mindset, Nutrition, Movement and Sleep. It may take a bit of work at the beginning, but by taking the time to listen to what your body needs, a truly healthy lifestyle will start to feel natural and easy!

green kale salmon paleo lunch
Kale Salmon Paleo Lunch at Clean & Lean Notting Hill. Photo: MOCHNI

Thank you for the interview James!

Now it´s your turn, get fit and book your fitness session and get your supplements at BODYISM.COM.