We must admit, we love diamonds. But what we love more is our environment and human lives. Have you seen the movie Blood Diamond? The title refers to mined diamonds which lead to human suffering, corruption, child labor, poverty, environmental disruption, and war. Diamonds are hardly traceable. This is why we choose lab-grown diamonds which are 100% conflict-free and real. Lab-created diamonds are made with an innovative technology identically to the real chemical process in nature. Let us introduce you to 5 ethical jewelry brands with real, conflict-free diamonds created in a lab.

Lark & Berry

Supermodel Martha Hunt was one of Lark & Berry’s first supporters and was proudly wearing their lab-grown diamond pieces during the Cannes Film Festival. Besides their colorless diamonds of category F and VS+ in clarity (eye-clean), Lark & Berry also creates beautiful gemstones using lab technology. Find their most precious jewels in the “Fine Jewelry” section that features pieces in platinum and 18K gold with fancy cultured gemstones and diamonds.  In the Demi-Fine Jewelry, you can shop playful 14K gold (white, yellow & rose) pieces with cultured diamonds. Bespoke items are coming soon!  Free delivery on all orders to wherever you are. You can also come by their store in London. Price range: £200 – £78.000

Website: larkandberry.com
Instagram: @larkandberry

Brilliant Earth

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? Then customize your own and surprise your significant other with a very special hand-crafted Brilliant Earth piece. Select your diamonds and gemstones by shape, cut, color, clarity, and carat. Choose from different precious metals which are primarily recycled & re-refined (platinum, 18K yellow, and white gold, 14K rose gold or silver) and decide what style you like your ring to be. The options are endless. And you will feel extra good: Brilliant Earth is the global leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry. Aside from their “Beyond Conflict Free” natural diamonds, they use lab-created diamonds to make their exquisite jewels. We could spend hours on their website. Free international shipping. Price range: $450 -$3.290 USD

Website: brilliantearth.com


JEM is the first Paris-based ethical jewelry brand. And we are “amoureuse” with their truly outstanding Octogone collection that reinvents the classic round shape. But check out all of their unusual geometrical pieces which definitely attract attention by remaining simple, contemporary and yet timeless. Ethically made from Fairmined™ Gold and beautiful GVS lab-grown diamonds, JEM guarantees social responsibility, environmental awareness, and transparency. Each piece is ethically handcrafted using traditional techniques in one of the most renowned jeweler’s workshops located in the heart of the Vosges Mountains in France. Thanks to a serial number on every item, you can trace it back to its origins. Free deliveries in France and Europe. Price range:€250 -€9.500

Website: jem-paris.com
Instagram: @jem_jewellery 


lab grown diamond miadonna

Design your own wedding ring or modify one from the Miadonna shop. The only limits set here: all of their bridal jewelry is made with conflict-free, socially responsible IIa lab-created diamonds and gemstones. The jeweler from Portland, Oregon also uses only eco-friendly recycled precious metals such as platinum, solid yellow, white & rose gold and palladium. Shop by carat, shape or styles such as solitaire, two stone, three stone, vintage-inspired, modern, side stone, halo set or stackable rings. Miadonna has them all. And with each item you purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes straight to development projects in Africa funded by their The Greener Diamond (TGD) charity foundation. All items are ethically handcrafted from scratch in the USA. Miadonna ships to 50 States in the US and more than 30 countries around the world. Price range: $120 – $2500 USD

Website: miadonna.com
Instagram: @miadonnadiamond


The sustainable and ethical jewelry brand from Sweden makes minimalist, super simple diamond pieces we love. Whether to a cocktail dress or to jeans and a white shirt, you can wear their tiny rings, studs, and necklaces to anything, every day. The 0.03-0,1 carat round brilliant cut diamonds are responsibly produced by Europe’s largest lab-grown diamonds supplier, located in Antwerp, Belgium. They are of the highest clarity and D-F colorless which means that they are perfectly transparent and sparkly. Each item comes with recycled 14k solid yellow or white gold that is ethically handcrafted by Alfonso, a third-generation manufacturer in Spain. Online-only and free shipping for all purchases over €100! Price range: €80 – €370

Website: norrfolks.com
Instagram: @norrfolks

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