Red lips stand for strong women, glam, elegance and sexiness.
See How To Get The Perfect Irresistible Red Lip – And The Best Thing About It, They’re Kiss Proof! – Smooch

Step 1:

Moisturize your lip and apply concealer before adding any color

Start off with well moisturized lips, but we don’t want to have any access product. Apply a little bit of concealer all over in order to make your favorite organic lipstick last and the color pop!

Product Tipp:

Lip and Skin Balm by RMS and a little Un Cover Up by RMS to make your favorite lip color pop!

Step 2:

Draw the outer line of your upper lip starting at the cupids bow

Take a flat brush and start to draw an outline of your lips beginning at the cupid’s bow. Draw that line all the way to the corners of your upper lip. By lowering your head just a little you are able to see whether your lines are symmetrical. Fill in the rest of the upper lip.

Product Tipp: This beautiful Tinted Lip Conditioner – Crimson & Clover by Ilia is the perfect eyeturner!

Step 3:

Press your lips together but make sure not to roll your lips
By pressing your lips you left a "stamp" on your under lip

Press your lips together -make sure not to move your lips! Imagine you’re leaving a stamp. In that way you already see a rough underlip outline

Step 4:

Draw the outer line of your under lip

Open your mouth to reach the inner corners.

Step 5:

Correct any wobbly lines with a concealer and a clean brush
Correct any wobbly lines with a new brush and concealer, this will ensure you a clean sharp line.

Step 6:

Blot away any shine with a fluffy brush and loose powder
Wanna make your lipstick last? Part one layer of a facial tissue and place it over your lips. Use a fluffy brush and loose powder to dap it over your covered lips. The loose powder will take most of the shine away, making it more matte and ultimately last longer.

Matt Lips Finished and Kiss Proof !

The finished matte look

Step 7:

Apply gloss for a shiny finish
If you would rather have shiny glossy lips use the flat brush and clear gloss and paint over.

Product Tipp: Try the

Korres Cherry Lipgloss.

Glossy Lips Done!

The finished glossy look

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All products are made with certified organic ingredients.

Make Up Artist: Melissa Komma
Model: Joana Mierau (Ice Models)
Photographer & Producer: Antonia Böhlke