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What is Lanshin Spa?

Sandra Lanshin Chiu: Treatment by Lanshin is a unique healing studio in Brooklyn NY that specializes in holistic dermatology and all-natural skincare treatment. We use Chinese medicine, specifically herbal medicine and acupuncture, combined with all-natural topical skin treatments to resolve common chronic skin disorders as well as anti-aging concerns. Our clients come to us seeking alternative, holistic solutions for acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea as well as natural skin rejuvenation techniques to enhance the youthfulness of their skin and appearance.

What kind of Treatments Do you Practice?


Sandra Lanshin Chiu: Lanshin´s treatments include Chinese herbal therapy for treating the internal pathologies involved in skin disease. Most are not aware that our form of herbal treatment can be as effective, and for many cases a better solution than standard medical treatment using things like steroids and antibiotics. Custom herbal formulas designed by our expert herbalists offer a natural therapy that actually supports the health of the body as it resolves the inflammatory process involved in most skin disorders. This is in direct contrast to commonly prescribed immune suppressing methods, like steroids, which can disrupt the overall health of the body, while only offering temporary relief (instead of recovery of the root cause of illness).


Our acupuncture work supports healthy tissues and returns the balance of internal organ systems. Skin clients often suffer from high stress levels, which can trigger and exacerbate their conditions. Acupuncture is extremely helpful for calming the body and supporting the parasympathetic nervous system (which helps our body relax and restore itself). Anti-aging work to tone and bring about a more youthful appearance to the skin is also addressed through the use of special needle techniques and other Chinese medical tools like something called facial gua sha, which you can read more about on our website.


We also have an expertise in holistic, all-natural topical esthetic treatments. Treating skin from the inside and the outside provides a full spectrum solution that helps skin recover more effectively and efficiently. Our facials are designed to be corrective for common skin problems like acne and prematurely aging skin. Treating skin using all natural products is a relatively new, but rapidly exploding trend in beauty and skincare, and because we have been working in this way for many years, our facialists are experts in knowing how to use naturals to create effective results in enhancing the beauty and appearance of skin as effectively as conventional, lab-generated products do.


We also do massage therapy and a special form of bodywork called ortho-bionomy which are very important modalities that help correct the body’s alignment and posture, as well as soften tense tissues. Our skin clients often need body work that calms the stress in their body, which these accomplish very well.

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