We all dream about this one perfect made-to-order garment. The one garment we always feel fabulous in because it perfectly fits and is just so us in terms of style. This super stylish made-to-order fashion brand make this dream come true in just a few clicks. We love this!

Frilly | Los Angeles

We are obsessed with the trendy made-to-order fashion label Frilly from Los Angeles. Here you can create your own look that is completely yours. Choose a piece, take as-is or personalize it. Fullback or open twisted back? What color? With or without a belt? Pockets, yay or nay?  Wide or slim leg? Buttons or no buttons? And how long do you wish your garment to be? – You decide.  And it’s so much fun to play designer! The best part: each piece is made in small factories with respect to people and the environment. Another perk: Frilly ships all over the globe – for free. Yaaay!

Website: frilly.com
Instagram: @thefrilly

Website: forsythiastudio.com
Instagram: @forsythiastudio

Text: Mia Windisch-Graetz, Direction & Copy Edit: Antonia Böhlke