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Less is the new and most reduced German beauty brand that produces unisex organic skin and hair care products. Less was founded by David Scherf in Hamburg, Germany in 2016. The brand is a strong reminder on Jil Sander who is also a Hamburg-native and the most powerful designer when it comes to minimalism and high-quality products.

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Less focuses only on fundamental essential products for our skin- and hair- care routine that we need every day. These products are a Moroccan washing clay, skin oil for oily or dry skin, comb, and a hair brush for the oily or dry scalp. Additionally, Less created its own organic cotton towel, stainless steel bowl, and scoop which is all made in Germany. The ceramic container is hand-made in Belgium and a practical and clean repository for the clay.

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All products are made from natural ingredients, without alcohol, surface-active agents, and preservatives. Less´s philosophy exists in the belief that nature developed the most effective care strategy for the skin long before humans had the idea to treat it with cosmetics.

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Because skin itself produces the ideal care, Less pares away all that’s unnecessary and focuses only on what’s essential. The goal of effective skin care should be to keep the acid mantle, a thin layer of lipids and sweat. Less beauty takes care of it so that the skin’s acid mantle stays intact and is able to seal moisture inside and prevents outside pollutants from penetrating.

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1. Step: Cleansing

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Moroccan Washing Clay

For a gentle cleansing of skin and hair, two basic elements are required: soil and water. For a more thorough cleansing, get your Less Moroccan washing clay here. The clay is a millennia-old clay called Ghassoul that exists only in the Marocco Atlas Mountains and has special cleansing properties like binding dirt and excess lipids without destroying the protective acid mantle of the skin, as written above.

How-to: You want to mix the clay with warm water and spread it on skin and scalp, and rinse off with water after a brief exposure.

2. Step: Oil Treatment

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Pure Plant Oil

The pure plant oil mixtures of less are ideal if your skin is out of balance, because of stress, sudden climate changes, or illness. It might need help to regain its natural protection as it supplies the skin with all of the vitamins and essential fatty acids it needs for natural self-regulation. You can choose between oil for dry skin or oil for oily skin.


Gently massage 5-7 drops of the oil onto clean, wet skin. The oil mixes with the water on the skin, and the skin quickly absorbs both. The skin becomes hydrated, and the acid mantle is gently repaired without the skin being conditioned incorrectly.

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Shop all Less products here: welcometoless.com