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“I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. And I realized that what women need is a cosmetics line that is as pure as possible.”

In 2009, after a  long time experience working as a professional make-up artist for supermodels like Miranda Kerr and Giselle Bündchen you decided to launch your own beauty line RMS Beauty. What made you decide to start your own beauty brand? What do you love most about your job and what does beauty mean to you personally?

I’ve learned a lot about the impact of daily exposure to chemicals in beauty care products. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t live up to its promises. I see the results of taking a quick-fix approach to looking good. I know first-hand the price our health can pay in the pursuit of beauty. And I realized that what women need is a cosmetics line that is as pure as possible, one that creates a solid foundation for anti-aging and long-term beauty. Women have the right to be able to purchase a clean healthy product and not be judged as different or rebellious. I have lead my life on a healthier cleaner path even as a child and that message to me is my life’s mission. I have enjoyed every aspect of this job including the wonderful countries I have been to the amazingly talented and intelligent people I have meet thru my journey Without that, something would have been missing and the RMS Beauty brand has added the finishing touches of what I stand for.

Photo: Caren Detje

“My innovative natural cream range is not only 100% free of harmful chemicals but also works to heal and nourish the skin.”

Your RMS cosmetic line includes all natural and organic products, which are loved by so many women worldwide. Tell us why all women are crazy after your products.

Aside from the fact that it has become a cult hero, is user-friendly, fashionable modern my innovative natural cream range is not only 100% free of harmful chemicals but also works to heal and nourish the skin with healthy and beautifying results, truly making it “skincare with mineral color.” A selection of the highest quality raw ingredients is based on cultivation and processing criteria that set this line apart from others. I always say “When a raw material is processed for use in cosmetics, it typically undergoes a lengthy process. I discovered the majority of ingredients used for natural cosmetics (organic or not) go through multiple steps from deodorizing, refining, and fractionating during production to heating to extremely high temperatures again during manufacturing. These processes render the ‘natural’ ingredients equivalent to man-made chemicals, stripping away all beneficial nutrients and enzymes that support healthy skin and life.” RMS beauty products, on the other hand, are formulated with raw, food grade, organic ingredients in their natural state, from cultivation, straight through to manufacturing. Organic ingredients like raw coconut, cocoa butter and shea butter as well as the highest quality cold-pressed organic jojoba oil, the most similar to the natural characteristics of human skin, contain some of the most powerful, nourishing and healing properties that the skin thirsts for. These oils also have a long shelf life lessening the worries of rancidity and free radical damage to the skin. I  also take extreme care to use minimal heat in the manufacturing process, thus preserving every vital nutrient that nature provides. Unlike today’s synthetic counterparts, this technique allows natural healing and life force attributes — such as enzymes, minerals, vitamins and most of all, anti-oxidants, — to remain fully intact and naturally penetrate and rejuvenate skin. For gorgeous, modern color, I chose tints from pure, raw, uncorrupted, and uncoated minerals.

The results of this careful formulation? A color makeup line specifically designed to work synergistically with the skin, rather than just covering it up! When you apply the products, their natural life-giving nutrients interact with your skin to promote hydration, softness, radiance, and instant vitality to your skin. RMS beauty products help revive your youthful glow. Who could not want a brand like that?

“I never use steam distilled essential oils for skin.”

Photo: Caren Detje

Besides raw coconut and jojobal oil, cocoa and shea butter, what kind of ingredients do you additionally use for RMS Beauty and which absolutely not?

We source the highest quality ingredients for the RMS beauty formulas. Organic jojoba oil, which is closest to human sebum, because it is easily absorbed and can provide excellent moisture throughout the day. Full of Vitamins E and B, antioxidants and zinc, it soothes, heals and nourishes your skin. Wildcrafted Buriti Oil is one of the richest sources of beta-carotene known to man. In addition, buriti oil from the Amazon Jungle is full of antioxidants, fatty acids and Vitamin A, giving it the ability to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles. It also is known to protect against the sun’s free radicals. Organic rosehip oil which is loaded with retinol, Vitamin C and plenty of fatty acids, rosehip oil promotes skin cell growth thereby limiting the effects of aging.

I never use steam distilled essential oils, They are excellent for therapeutic purposes but used excessively (which I see in cosmetic brands now) it has been known to adversely affect the potency of herbal extracts, cause rashes and skin irritation to sensitive skin and can cause long-term skin dehydration. For more info on the nasty ingredients, I avoid go to beautytruth.com.

Most of the RMS products are cream based. What are the benefits for our skin using cream based products?

For skin that is starting to age or show signs of aging, I avoid anything that exaggerates the look of aging skin. Nothing that will add to an even more dry and matte appearance. Dry, over-powdered skin and dry-looking mineral/liquid foundations suck the life out of the skin and age it terribly (mostly on mature skin). When creating my line, I took this all into account. The textures must feel fabulous and blend beautifully, the formulas must be moisturizing and allow the skin to breathe and they have to be healthy for both the skin and the body.  The products need to feel like a pure second skin. The skin needs to feel real and not feel like synthetic/greasy silicones.

“The perfect rose gold Master Mixer works with almost all skin tones and that can literally be mixed with any existing makeup product you have.”

RMS Beauty is famous for it´s „healthy glow“ which is connected to your cult product the RMS living luminizer. What are your tips to apply it easily?

For easier application: I add the RMS Beauty Oil. It acts as a fabulous face primer. I do avoid it on the lids if you are planning on wearing my eye polishes as that will be too much moisture

You recently launched the RMS Master Mixer. What is so special about it and how do you use it?

This is one of our newest launches. The perfect rose gold works with almost all skin tones and that can literally be mixed with any existing makeup product you have. Apply as you would any highlighter but the magic of this is the fact it can be mixed with most products to create a whole new look. Experiment and mix…. be a master mixer!

Photo: Caren Detje

You are friends with Miranda Kerr and Giselle Bündchen. Can you reveal a beauty advice you gave them?

These women mentioned all work in a very chemical-laden industry and an industry that is very directed towards youth and beauty. The pressure to retain one´s own beauty for as long as they can will definitely have an impact on them. They are all educating themselves on what works best for health….both inside and out. How can they not embrace common sense? The over-use of synthetic chemicals in the beauty industry slowly being exposed as a link to some health problems. RMS Beauty has come along and given them a great alternative and strong foundation for a safer and long- term solution to that.

“I clean my skin only with coconut oil and filtered water. Less is more.”

What´s your personal nutrition tip for a fresh glowy skin?

!It is the most simplistic regime you could ever imagine. The skin is a mirror to the gut so whatever is going on internally will show on the face. First of all to achieve beautiful skin you have to eat organic food, daily probiotics, digestive enzymes and chlorella tablets (chlorella helps to detox the body of heavy metals and is loaded with protein). I clean my skin only with coconut oil and filtered water. (please note: not just any coconut oil…there are so many qualities out there and an education on that is a must). I have never used a cleansing cosmetic product on my skin. Less is more. OH…and drinking lots of pure water, fresh air, exercise and being happy.:)

Which is your favorite organic spa and organic restaurant in NYC?

I love Ildi Pekar for facials and ABC Kitchen for a true upscale organic experience.

Photo: Caren Detje

“We now know that whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.”

What would you tell someone, who never engaged oneself in green beauty is the most important reason to switch to organic beauty products?

Some people may have prejudices about the effectiveness of eco beauty and rightfully so. Years ago green was in its infant stages and quality, performance, knowledge of ingredients and formulation procedures were far off from being taken seriously.
People have been educating themselves which started first with their diet and has now branched out to their beauty products. I thank a lot of that to celebrities and to the availability of information thru social media. People are taking control of their health in every way and the green beauty movement is slowly having a major impact on everyone using beauty products. Unfortunately, most ingredients in skin care products and cosmetics were approved by the FDA when it was widely believed that the skin acted as a barrier to the outside world, blocking out whatever was applied to it. We now know that whatever we put on the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream. You only need to look to medical patches, anti-smoking patches and hormone replacement patches for proof. Your skin is your largest organ so start with your moisturizers and cleansers including shampoo and toothpaste. Then work on up from there.

Looking in the future, what are your plans for RMS?

There are so many exciting things coming, you’ll have to wait and see!

Must-do make up tip by celebrity make up artist Rose-Marie Swift:

Beauty is all about radiant, dewy and glowing skin. Beautiful skin is the best fashion statement you can make.  Less is more – but go for a lip.

And what are your steps to achieve it (by using RMS products)? Tell us in the comments below.

RMS products we used for this shooting:

Thanks to amazingy.com for sending us the amazing RMS products directly from Berlin.

Photo: Caren Detje

Make Up Remover Wipes
Coconut Cream
Organic Beauty Oil
Cocoa Lip and Skin Balm
Living Luminizer
Defining Mascara
Un Cover Up Color: #11
Cream Eye Shadow, Color: Magnetic
Lip 2 Cheek, Color: Demure

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Photographer: Caren Detje
Hair & Make Up Artist: Marco Alecci
Model: Laura Mertens at Mega Model Agency