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10 Fair Fashion Brands We Recommend This Month

10 Fair Fashion Brands We Recommend This Month

The first month of 2018 is already over and we simply can’t believe it. We, of course, have still had time to gather together our favourite fair fashion discoveries for the month though! Each and every month we are left in awe of the heart and soul that has gone into these brands, and this month is no exception. Read on to see who we have been inspired by this month.


Photos: August

If minimal, contemporary clothing is your thing, then August is for you. Founded by an Estonian designer Äli Kargoja, the brand is founded on providing well-made, environmentally friendly fashion to the conscious woman. Each of their pieces is carefully designed and mindfully manufactured to form modern, elegant silhouettes with clean lines and expressive shapes. They source only the best GOTS certified natural materials for the highest quality garments that don’t cost the earth. Their small-scale production benefits both the workers and the environment, and allows Äli to oversee all parts of production and ensure the highest quality end product.

Website: | Instagram: @studioaugust


bridge and tunnel
Photos: Bridge & Tunnel

Bridge & Tunnel creates sustainable denim accessories and apparel right in the heart of Hamburg, Germany. They have created long-term, meaningful jobs for the socially disadvantaged who call Hamburg home, and those seeking a new life outside of a war-torn country. They also assist their multinational employees with adapting to a new country by offering language classes and help with new legal and employment-related regulations. Though they are working to make underprivileged lives better, they are also helping to make the fashion industry more sustainable by using sustainable materials such as surplus fabrics and pre- and post-consumer waste.

Website: | Instagram:


cut the posh
Photos: Cut The Posh

Every element of Cut the Posh’s pieces is truly hand-made and uniquely beautiful. Highly skilled male and female artisans from villages in Pakistan are employed fairly to hand make each limited-edition piece. The quirky, modern prints are all conceived of on paper, translated into a hand carved wood block stamp, and then hand printed onto carefully selected fabrics. Each wooden stamp can take 7-10 days to carve! All of the bold, boho accessories are also coiled or knotted by hand and will all have a unique feel due to the hand-made nature of the design. We love that Cut the Posh ships worldwide to give us access to these beautiful statement garments and accessories.

Website: | Instagram: @cuttheposh


Photos: Early

EARLY focusses on beautifully crafted, ecologically mindful and ethically handcrafted leather accessories. EARLY seamlessly blends clean, modern design with a hint of vintage to create leather-goods for both men and women. The brand exclusively uses vintage leather stock or eco-edition leather that has been vegetable-tanned – the most natural and environmental-friendly way of leather production, free of chrome and other harmful substances. EARLY places great emphasis on quality of design and production as well as small, simple details ensuring their pieces longevity in our wardrobes. Classic features provide endless versatility and the ability to accompany you from season to season.

Website: | Instagram: @thisisearly


Photos: Honest By

Honest By is a pioneer in the fashion industry – they are the first company in the world to be 100% transparent. They share the entire material and production cost breakdown with their customers. Under each product on their webshop, you can see the price calculation as well as the time it took to create. It includes prices for everything from the amount of fabric and thread used, labels and tags, to patterning and manufacturing. Furthermore, they also include the mark-up and reason why. This transparency ensures you know exactly what you are buying and the story behind it. Honest By are the leaders in helping customers make informed decisions.

Website: | Instagram: @honestby_official


Photos: Lokah/Co

LOKAH/CO is a conscious line of luxury, artisanal and mindful wears that blends style, intention and purpose. They choose their partners, materials and methods carefully. Their stunning debut collection is hand-woven by skilled artisans in Central India, where their work supports women’s empowerment, poverty alleviation and sustainability. Each piece is crafted using a blend of organic, hand-spun cotton and mulberry silk, and then infused with intention. LOKAH/CO brings the healing power of yoga to those in need, and its flowing simplicity to our wardrobes. The hand-made nature of the product leads to natural variations, which means you are getting a totally unique product; a piece of wearable art.

Website: | Instagram: @lokah_co



Photos: Rupahaus

The designer behind RŪPAHAUS has quite literally scoured rural Indonesia for the best traditional artisans the islands have to offer. She then works directly with these artisans to design, hand-weave, hand-dye, and hand-make each and every piece. Each small collection is different due to the variations in the natural dying techniques, and what the weather is like at the time of dying! The brand effortlessly blends traditional, cultural stripes and colours with modern, minimalist design. The final product is a high quality, eco-luxe piece of wearable Indonesian culture that can be worn for years to come. Check out their website for more of their amazing story and to shop their collections.

Website: | Instagram: @rupahaus

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Photos: Sunad

SUNAD specialises in shirts, and boy, do they do them well! Being a Spanish brand through and through, each and every shirt is designed, cut, and then sewn in Spain. SUNAD’s diverse collection of shirts celebrates Spain’s rich history in textiles while adding their own touch of contemporary design. While the inspiration of masculine tailoring still peaks through, all pieces are designed to flatter the female form. Classic, elegant cuts combined with natural fabrics and a modern colour palette ensure each piece can fit into any existing wardrobe. SUNAD’s shirts are a simple yet timeless and extremely versatile addition to any outfit.

Website: | Instagram: @_sunad_


zazi vintage
Photos: Zazi Vintage

ZAZI Vintage allows us to experience stunning colours and patterns from around the globe. They work with artisans, families, and NGO’s that focus on empowering women while breathing new life into vintage fabrics. Each collection has a different focus and provides fair wages and support to different communities. For example, every coat in their Suzani collection provides a year’s worth of education to a different girl in Rural India (Bhikamkor). All of their pieces are one-of-a-kind and do not exist anywhere else in the world. ZAZI Vintage pieces empower those who have created them and empower you to step out in style, confidence, and eco-luxury.

Website: | Instagram: @zazi.vintage


zola amour
Photos: Zola Amour

Quality, sustainability, ethics, and affordability are at the forefront of Zola Amour’s design principles. Perhaps this sounds like a lot, but Zola Amour has managed to cover them all! Each piece effortlessly slots into your capsule wardrobe and designed to stand the test of time. Zola Amour only uses high-quality, certified organic materials such as GOTS cotton and OEKO-TEX bamboo. The chic, minimalistic colours and cuts ensure that Zola Amour’s pieces suit all generations of eco-luxury lovers and can be worn for many seasons to come. The entire collection is handmade ethically and fairly in their hometown of Brighton, UK which keeps carbon emissions to a minimum.

Website: | Instagram: @zolaamouruk

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