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Top 12 Ethical Underwear Brands

Top 12 Ethical Underwear Brands

We have collected our top 12 ethical underwear and lingerie brands from around the world. So you can start the year in comfort and style while doing good for people and our planet. All these brands listed below working hard to create products that work with your body while supporting a fair trade fashion industry. Continue reading to discover all 12 ethical underwear brands that we love. And don´t forget to mention your favorite brand or product in a comment below or by using our Hashtag #MochniFairFashion.


Photos: Aikyou

Finally, there is a brand which focuses only on small busts. AIKYOU is a German label offering innovative, yet timeless designs to keep your breasts looking their best without uncomfortable wires, push-ups, or paddings. Their styles feel wonderfully comfy and follow your every move. The complete range is vegan and fairly made from Fairtrade and GOTS dyed organic cotton. AIKYOU has created a wide range of bras, briefs, tops, and more to take you from every day to date night. They have also developed a special range of bras for mastectomy patients which will keep you looking and feeling super comfortable.

Instagram: @aikyou_lingerie


Photos: Baserange

Being based in Denmark and France gives Baserange easy access to the best natural materials and craftsmen Europe has to offer. They have sourced high-quality, organic fabrics to benefit both the wearer and the environment (as well as the producer!). Baserange has worked with their producers to create innovative, environmentally friendly fabrics to create their wide range of minimalistic intimates and leisurewear. Their timeless designs and silhouettes ensures that they can integrate seamlessly into your wardrobe and remain there for years to come.

Instagram: @baserange 


hara the label
Photo: Hara The Label

HARA creates intimates that are gentle on the earth and even gentler on the skin. They use super soft bamboo viscose fabric which is Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified in their pieces which ensures you, and those who made it don’t come into contact with harmful chemicals. Bamboo Viscose has many benefits over cotton in terms of production which is why HARA decided on it as their key material. They are rethinking sustainability in the textile industry and ensuring it reaches all the way through their production processes. Their timeless, comfortable, and wearable intimates are just the start for HARA, and they are looking forward to what the new year will bring!

Instagram: @hara_thelabel


la fille do
Photos: La Fille D´o

The owner and designer behind La fille d’O, Murielle Victorine Scherre, creates beautiful, artistic, avant-garde lingerie that celebrate what it is to be a woman. All pieces are designed to be created as locally as possible from materials that have been mind fully sourced. The majority of their materials are made in their native Belgium, the other material comes from near-by European counties. Her highly skilled seamstresses have been making lingerie for many, many years and have the same rights as she does. La fille d’O also certified as “Handmade in Belgium”.

Instagram: @lafilledo_therightthing


land of woman
Photos: Land Of Women

Land of Women carefully – and ethically – creates minimal, yet functional intimates for the everyday. Attention to detail is key, and you can see this in their super soft fabrics and unique styles. Whether you want to feel a little bit sexier with some lace, or just need something simple for lounging around the house (lace is great for this too!), they will certainly have something for you. Each piece is designed and then mind fully made by women and for women in NYC, home of founders Mckenzie Raley and Sarah Belz.

Instagram: @landofwomen


nalu underwear
Photos: Nalu Underwear

The creatives behind NALU have designed an effortlessly contemporary range of bras, briefs, and bodysuits all with a touch of minimalism. NALU’s basics are far from basic. Each piece is expertly designed and ethically manufactured by skilled lingerie seamstresses. The majority of their pieces are made of organic cotton and designed to fit and move with the body. They are therefore free from any bulky padding and wires that dig that may into the skin to ensure a comfortable fit every time. The simplistic colour palette allows mixing and matching of these comfortable, chic pieces.

Instagram: @naluunderwear


Photos: Pico

Ever wondered exactly how your fair trade organic underwear is made? Then check out PICO and their Project # 01. You can follow along with the life story of a pair of underwear from seed all the way through until the product is in your hand. PICO works to encourage people to understand where their products come from, and appreciate exactly what has gone into each and ever step of the process.  From Project # 01, they have created three simple, everyday styles from Fair Trade Organic Cotton, made with the environment and the people involved in mind.

Instagram: @project.pico


wear proclaim
Photo: Proclaim

The days of the non-inclusive “nude” are over. Proclaim has created a range of super soft, yet still supportive bralettes in a range of different colours to suit more nude skin tones. Their ultra-soft fabric is made from 100% post-consumer waste water bottles, and produced in the USA. They are also Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified which means they are free from harmful chemicals that you certainly don’t want directly on your skin! The bralettes are then manufactured in San Fransisco in an ethical facility. Added to this, all of their packaging is made in the USA from recycled and recyclable materials!

Instagram: @wearproclaim


the nude label
Photo: The Nude Label

The Nude Label is a brand built on providing ethical pieces to accompany women in their everyday life. They have created a range of bras, bralettes, briefs, and bodysuits using soft materials that compliment the body such as organic cotton. All products are made in their home town of Valencia, Spain in a family run facility. Their wide range of high-quality, and ethically made basics has something for everyone.

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Instagram: @thenudelabel


vatter fashion
Photos: Vatter Fashion

VATTER sources the finest GOTS certified organic cotton to create their huge range of underwear and basics for men, women, toddlers, and babies. They focus on providing high-quality woven, GOTS certified products, which are healthy for your skin while being fashion-forward. VATTER place a high emphasis on sustainable production. Through every step of their supply chain, and through to the conditions under which their pieces are produced. Their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and to top it off, printed with vegetable-based inks, therefore are recyclable as well.

Instagram: @vatter_fashion


Photo: WAMA

WAMA creates super comfy hemp undies for women and men. Why hemp? Because it is a breathable and soft fabric which naturally has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odor properties. Hemp is also the most sustainable fabric in the world as it grows super fast, uses no pesticides and saves a lot of water and energy in the production. The Green America certified business only works with GOTS-certified hemp suppliers and constantly improves the fit, function, and design of their products. We love WAMA’s simple designs that will be your perfect companion – wherever you go!

Instagram: @wamaunderwear


woron store
Photos: Woron

Respect for the environment and all who are involved with the creation of their products is the foundation on which WORON is built. Sustainability is at the core of the design and manufacturing process to ensure their Scandinavian inspired intimates and basics impact the world as little as possible. They work with a family run, Oeko-Tex certified factory to turn organic cotton and super soft modal fabrics into luxe, minimalistic bras, briefs, bodysuits, and loungewear. These materials allow your skin to breathe while still fitting and moving with the bodies natural curves.

Instagram: @woronstore

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