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You wonder why soft water is more environmentally friendly than hard water? Soft water is low in lime, with hard water is calcareous. The Austrian company BWT, which is Europe´s Nr.1 in water technology, has recognized this and developed an innovative solution which turns hard water into silky-soft BWT pearl water. Silky-soft BWT pearl water has positive properties for the environment and the fashion industry. Continue reading to find out why soft water is beneficial for sustainable fashion.

1. Soft Water Keeps Textile Fibers Soft & Beautiful

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First of all, soft water keeps clothing, towels, and bathrobes soft and fluffy and prevents the laundry from the unpleasant dry rigit which we don´t want to feel on our skin. Our favorite textiles should look new and in their best version and at the same time we want to feel soft fibers on our biggest organ, the skin, which give us a feeling of comfort and well-being.

Also by using soft water, the textile fibers look more brillant. The white looks whiter, colors look brighter.

As proof, BWT has carried out a laboratory test with 2 washcloths. The labor washed each washcloth 50 times. The labor washed the left washcloth with silky-soft BWT pearl water and the right washcloth with hard water. The washcloth (left) washed with soft water feels still soft and looks bright, while the washcloth (right), washed with hard water, looks greyish and feels hard. The labor noted an “inorganic incrustation” on the washcloth which was washed with hard water, due to insufficient water softening. As a result, the BWT water softener improves the washing performance permanently as it minimizes the accretion of incrustation.

All these facts lead to the conclusion that by using a BWT water softener we can maintain the best quality for our favorite clothes and textiles. Therefore, we don’t need to buy new towels or clothing more often. Did you know that only 1 kg cotton needs an average of 11.000 liter water for the production? So by keeping our textiles in best shape, we save a lot water in the end.

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Photo by BWT; Left washcloth was washed 50x with silky-soft BWT pearl water, while the right washcloth was washed 50x with hard water.

2. Soft Water Saves Washing Agents

Another reason why soft water is positive for sustainable fashion and the environment is the low consumption of washing agents. As the water hardness is relevant for the dosing amount of detergent, we can say: The softer the water, the less you need washing agents. By using a water softener you reduce up to 50% detergent wasteage and you don´t need any fabric conditioner. So this not only protects the environment, but you also don´t need to buy much products and you save a lot money. This is equivalent for private households as well as for the fashion industry and textile factories.

The Company BWT

BWT AQA perla
BWT AQA perla

BWT means Best Water Technology. The Austrian company was founded in 1990. BWT is Europe´s leading company for Water Technology. BWT´s mission is to offer the best solution to provide safety, hygiene, and health in daily contact with water.

“Water is the lifeblood of our earth and it is the lifeblood of BWT. Water is our job.”


Water treatment products and solutions will play an increasingly important role in facing the challenges posed by increasing global population, global climate change, and growing demands for safety, health and hygiene. BWT is facing up to these challenges. Although BWT has no influence on the fact that all people receive free and sufficient access to water. But BWT does its utmost to prepare the available water in perfect quality for a wide range of applications by private customers, trade and industry, hotels and public institutions with innovative, ecological and economical technologies and to provide maximum safety, hygiene and health in daily use to ensure water.