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6 Fair Fashion Brand We Recommend This Month

6 Fair Fashion Brand We Recommend This Month

September is over and so we have collected our favorite fair fashion brand discoveries for you. Read on and find out which brands we felt in love with last month.

BYEM | Sweden

Photos: Byem

BYEM is a Scandinavian Slow Fashion label and is comprised of all the clean, modern designs synonymous with “Scandinavian design”. Their beautifully tailored garments are designed for the “modern woman” – someone who is conscious of her “impact” on the world, but still wants to step out in style. BYEM seamlessly combines ethics with clean cut, modern pieces. Sign up to their launch letter to keep updated on the launch of their line of sustainably tailored, timeless garments.


Instagram: @byemofficial


jean franklin
Photos. Jean Franklin

Based in Los Angeles, Jean Franklin is an online store for shopping ethical and sustainable pieces for your wardrobe and home, both new and vintage. Inspired by sunny California in the 60s and 70s, we make clothing you’ll want to keep in your wardrobe for years to come. Each piece can be styled in a variety of ways and worn by many body types. Sourced locally, pieces are produced from deadstock and recycled materials in small quantities, down to the thread, buttons and zippers used. Every item is made-to-order so that we only make the sizes you want.


Instagram: @jeanfranklinshop


Photos: Sandermann

SANDERMANN totally embodies sustainability and zero waste design in the fashion industry. Pieces are made from locally sourced up-cycled waste materials, and designed with ethics and the environment in mind. Wool from Danish sheep breeders which would have otherwise been burned, is repurposed by SANDERMANN and spun into their own yarn. The label’s main focus is on solid waste management and diverting “waste” away from the environment and into their modern and extremely interesting garments. Many are limited due to the use of “waste” material; therefore these truly are like wearing limited edition art.


Instagram: @sandermannofficial


silly boy studio
Photos: Silly Boy Studio

SILLY BOY STUDIO is a womenswear and jewellery label based in Paris, where they sew all of their own pieces. The artisanal brand handcrafts all of their garments from deadstock and surplus fabrics sourced from luxury fashion houses and other upcycling suppliers. This diverts potential waste away from landfill and the natural environment. Their pieces are usually modern, clean cuts with a subtle twist (a favourite of this author!). Their next collection drops in November so stay tuned!


Instagram: @sillyboystudio

SOLVE | Denmark

solve apparel
Photos: Solve

This Romanian-Danish sustainable fashion brand only came into being at the beginning of this year, 2017. Though Solve may only be a young label, it can be seen as leaps and bounds ahead in the way the pieces are conceived and designed. The brand is based on the principal of circular economy, i.e. everything comes from ecosystem and can be returned without causing any harm (or recycled). Their innovative, capsule collection is made up of three different pieces; each with the ability to transform into 10 different styles! Their modern garments can be adapted to any customers’ taste, making them extremely versatile and easily incorporated into any existing wardrobe.


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Instagram: @solveapparel

URBAN GREEN | Lithuania

urban green
Photos: Urban Green

Urban Green is a Lithuanian-based label and is designed for, and dedicated to “natural people”. The founder describes natural people as those who place importance on “open communication, true friendship, sincere laughter, childish naivety and ethical fashion”. The beautiful modern pieces are designed using natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Some of which is GOTS certified and others are made in her home country of Lithuania. An emphasis is placed on consciousness in consumption, and combining green living into urban life.


Instagram: @urbangreenclothes


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Text: Rachael Hamann

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