Deep quality sleep is very important for the regeneration of our body and mind. Learn in our other article why deep sleep is so important for us. And here come 7 simple tips that everyone can try for better quality sleep 😴.

1. Set a nightly routine and stick to it! Try to always go to bed at the same time. Tip: Set your alarm clock for the same time in the morning so that you automatically get tired at the same time in the evening (internal clock).

2. If possible, exercise and move at any time during the day!

3. Refrain from using electronic devices at least one hour before bedtime, you will be more relaxed and able to rest.

4. Say NO to caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, or large meals before bedtime.

5. Take a warm bath or shower before going to bed.

6. Before going to bed, make sure your environment is as cozy and calming as possible. Try to calm all your senses. Adjust the temperature and light to your preferences.

Tips: Put on your favorite pajamas and snuggle up with a comfortable bedding (touch), light a candle for yourself (sight), drip a few drops of organic essential oils, e.g. lemongrass which is so relaxing, into warm water or a diffuser (smell), listen to a guided meditation or meditational music (hearing), Make yourself an herbal tea (taste).

7. Invest in a high quality (and non-toxic!) mattress and bedding, so that your skin (your largest organ) does not come into contact with toxic materials. We recommend that you look for OEKO-TEX or GOTS certification. Comfortable bedding help you feel tired at night and refreshed the next day.

What are your tips for better sleep? I’m sure we could all use a few more zzz’s in our nightly routine these days :). Have a deep night’s sleep!

If you feel exhausted and you suffer from depression and/or insomnia, we recommend that you see a doctor and get professional advice.


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